Friday, October 16, 2015

Michelle Duggar, sweetly submissive and sexual...

Sorry... that's all I could think of in the wake of the news of Michelle Duggar's recycled blog post about advice she got from a friend right before she married Jim Boob in 1984.  The friend reportedly advised her to be joyfully available to Boob whenever the urge to fuck strikes him.  It doesn't matter if she's exhausted or big and pregnant.  She needs to get on her knees... or on her back.  She needs to submit to her husband's sexual desires no matter what her own mood is.  If he gets enough at home, he won't need a ho on the side, right?  Except it's looking more and more like Josh is a sex addict and addicts by definition can't get enough of whatever their addiction is.  So Anna could be on the bed, arms and legs spread all day.  It wouldn't be enough.

I remember reading this post several months ago, possibly before Josh Duggar's sex scandal rocked the family.  I distinctly remember the line about how anyone could make Boob a sandwich, but only Michelle could be intimate with him.  I mainly remember it because it kind of made me want to throw up.  But anyway, it looks like that old post has been recycled and some are saying it's a dig at Anna Duggar, who has reportedly been struggling in the wake of her husband's now even more public idiocy.

Many people think Anna ought to dump Josh and start her life anew.  Frankly, I would not blame her if she did just that.  Josh has behaved like a total creep and Anna deserves better.  But if Michelle Duggar rehashed that post just to make a dig at Anna, I'd for sure be consulting a lawyer.  Michelle and Boob ought to be kissing Anna's ass and hoping she doesn't take their son to the proverbial cleaners.  Of course, that would be against Anna's nature.  She strikes me as being submissive and meek, which is probably why Josh selected her to be his wife.  If it were me, I'd be wanting to kick him in the nuts so hard his balls get lodged in his nostrils.  And for that reason, guys like Josh have never been attracted to me.  Thank God.

Frankly, I'm with Sharon.

I have also noticed Jessa's increasing famewhoredom lately.  She can't wait for that special she and Jill are going to have together... so the TLC folks can focus on her crotch as she pushes out the latest Duggar baby.  But I will admit that her pregnancy hasn't seemed quite as long as Jill's.  Hope she squeezes out that little nugget soon.  


  1. sharon Osbourne seems to have been a very competent parent certainly by hollywood standards and possibly by any standard. Moreover, she's been married to one person a lot longer than the Duggars have been married. Her words have the ring of credibility.

    I'm not married now, so none of this applies to me yet, but if and when I marry, I reserve the right to say I have a headache if I do have one.

    1. Well... I read Sharon's book and she's certainly no angel. She and Ozzy had their problems. But she has a hell of a lot more sense that Michelle Duggar does.


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