Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Meanwhile in food service...

Just read two sad yet funny articles about fast food visits gone awry.  The first one I read was about a woman and her beau visiting a KFC and ordering chicken and mashed potatoes.  On the lid of the gravy pot, there was a special message to the customers.  It read "Fuck off!"

I can only imagine that the author of the four letter word must not enjoy his or her job making gravy for KFC, hence his or her decision to type the word "fuck" next to the "use by" date on the gravy lid.  Naturally, the recipients were "appalled" by the nasty missive included with their meal.  But what got me was that they were capping off a romantic evening at KFC.  Talk about low standards...

The second article was about a drunk college kid who got arrested over macaroni and cheese with bacon and jalapeño peppers.  The kid, obviously intoxicated and hangry, attacked the manager of the food court at the University of Connecticut because the manager would not sell him the mac and cheese.

The drunken guy was finally arrested when he physically attacked the manager.  Not that I'd know from experience or anything, but alcohol abuse can fuel some serious rages.  And so can being hungry.  Add the two together and you have the potential for some serious trouble.

In all seriousness, my guess is that this fellow could use some time in rehab.  He's been arrested on two other occasions for similar offenses.  He's 19, still a freshman, and on his second college.  My guess is that it's time Mom and Dad quit paying for his college and spend their money on residential treatment for alcoholism before he gets into worse trouble.  Either that, or spend the money on a nice vacation and let the little punk take care of himself.

I ended up leaving a few more nasty comments on another Yahoo! article about a clothing store that has decided to sell "extended sizes" rather than "plus sizes".  But I left them only for insulting males who left demeaning comments.  Now I'm in a good mood.

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