Friday, October 16, 2015

If it's not one thing, it's another...

Took the dogs to the vet yesterday.  It was time for Zane's allergy shot and I wanted the vet to have a look at Arran's left hind paw, which has a sore, inflamed area between the toes.  Ever since I discovered his mast cell tumor, I've been extra nervous about Arran's health.  The sore between his toes doesn't look that bad, though it is oozing pus and seems a bit sensitive.  The vet gave us some shampoo to wash his foot with for the next week.  I noticed a tiny lump near the inflamed area.  It could be anything...  Sores are often raised into little lumps.  I just pray it's not another tumor.  If it is, it is at this point very tiny... like, smaller than a lentil.

Zane has a callous on his hock, which the vet advised me to use Vaseline on.  I'll probably use Bag Balm.  It's pretty close to being the same thing and it's made for animals.  I use it on my dry heels and it works very well... if I can keep Arran from licking it off.

Bill is going to be hard at work this weekend finishing his latest class, so I will probably not have much fun.  Hopefully, the weather will suck so I won't want to go out anyway.  Maybe I can read some more books.

Will probably write more later...  for now, I'm contemplating going back to bed for some reading.


  1. Me too. I'm sure he's okay. I worry too much. :( He's sleeping on the futon right now, oblivious to my angst.


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