Sunday, October 18, 2015

Idiot train track tricks...

Just read about some shenanigans that went down in Falls Church, Virginia.  26 year old Holly Bentley of Falls Church decided to do some yoga poses in an unusual and potentially dangerous location.  Police had been looking for Bentley since December 12, 2014, which is when video footage shows Bentley and her photographer friend jumping onto the tracks for their photo shoot.  She was finally arrested on a misdemeanor trespassing warrant and released on her on recognizance.

Now, at first blush, it sounds like this was a ridiculous waste of time and taxpayer resources.  Don't the transit police have better things to do other than track down wayward yoga enthusiasts?  On the other hand, what if there had been an accident?  What if a train had killed Bentley and her photographer companion?  Not only would they be dead and their relatives likely freaking out and threatening to sue, they would have also disrupted the travel plans for countless people.  Besides that, the train conductor would have to live with the guilt over the accident for the rest of his or her life.  People on the train could have also been injured or even killed.

I'm sure law enforcement officials would rather not encourage other people to follow Bentley's example.  She and her camera toting friend were unharmed when they did their stunt on the tracks, but other people might not be so lucky.  Not punishing Bentley could possibly promote the idea that these kinds of stupid human tricks are okay and won't be prosecuted.  It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt, right?

I will admit, though, that Bentley's poses are impressive.   She claims she didn't know doing yoga on train tracks was illegal.  Perhaps she's spent too much time upside down letting the blood rush to her brain.


  1. I'd think she was related to me except that the people on the crazy side of the family would never do yoga.


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