Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Hissy fits...

I remember about ten years ago, I was a member of a certain second wives and stepmothers Web site that basically consisted of a bunch of forums.  One of my favorite forums was called "Hissy fit".  It was a place for members to complain and have a little meltdown.

Looking back on those days, I can say I'm glad I've evolved a bit.  Of course I still have hissy fits when something or someone pisses me off, but I find that the older I get, the less stupid shit bothers me.  Or it doesn't bother me for as long as it used to.

Yesterday, I was hanging out in a Facebook group and someone posted a screenshot of a used highchair for sale.  The person selling the highchair wrote that it was in good condition and "just needed to be wiped down."  This struck a few of us as funny.  I mean, you can have a highchair that's dirty because it's been sitting in a garage and got dusty or it can be dirty because it's got dried food, excrement, and boogers all over it.  Toddlers are not exactly known for their table manners and toilet habits.

Well... someone went and told the seller about the derisive post in the Facebook group.  She joined and had a little hissy fit that people were making fun of her ad.  It got a little bit heated, which seemed really silly to me.  She basically said that she just got all her household goods and doesn't have time to wipe off the highchair before she sells it.  And she was being "courteous" by telling would be buyers that they'll have to clean it themselves because she can't be bothered.  Others pointed out that it's a lot more courteous to wipe off your stuff before you sell it.

I found myself wondering how long it takes to wipe down a highchair.  I mean, really.  We're talking a couple of minutes, maybe?  Not being a parent myself, I don't know for certain.  I'm sure the person who buys it will wipe it down as a matter of course, anyway.  She probably would have been better off not even mentioning the chair's state of cleanliness.

What's even funnier is that I actually met the lady whose highchair ad was being made fun of.  Last week, on our way to the dentist's office, Bill and I brought her a big bag of wine bottle corks for a crafting project she was working on.

Anyway, thanks to that woman's hissy fit, my guess is that she's now going to become one of the many running jokes in that Facebook group.  In fact, she's already been referenced in another post which digressed from being about disabled people traveling to shaved genitals.  I know it's hard to believe that a thread could degenerate to that extent, but it did... and it was really funny.  And you really had to be there to see why it was so funny.

Part of the reason it was funny was because that woman was so pissed about people commenting about her dirty highchair for sale.  She was so pissed that she insulted a few of us who happen to be over age 40 and someone with dirty hair.  Then, before she left the group in a huff, said that she was "blessed".  Obviously so... if you get that upset over someone commenting on your dirty highchair for sale.  ;-)

Hell, I have been teased more than once in that group.  The first time it happened, I won't lie.  It hurt a bit.  But I swallowed my pride and laughed at myself.  It turned out fine and the person who made fun of me ended up looking like an ass, even if a few people agreed with her.  

I guess I can understand why a person might get upset if she's being "vented" about in a closed Facebook group.  However, what was said was not all that mean spirited and the person wasn't even identified until she outed herself.  And now that she has, she looks immature.  I sure won't be rushing to bring more wine corks to her.  I think if she enjoys some wine herself, she might be able to kill the bug up her ass.  Someone else can have my corks.  Someone who doesn't need wine therapy.

Hissy fits are all well and good.  God knows I've had a few of them myself.  Rolling with the punches is better, at least much of the time.  Getting all pissed off about something trivial is a waste of time and energy.  But, even as I write this, I understand that I'm being a hypocrite.  The truth is, if something pisses you off, it pisses you off, and sometimes you need to vent.  On the other hand, situations like this one are one reason I rarely buy or sell used and save the difference.  I'd make a terrible Duggar.


  1. I'd make a lousy Duggar as well. The only thing I'd buy used would be musical instruments, and my family really hasn't done much of that, although I think a couple of my dad's guitars were bought used or traded or something. My uncle Scott has two pianos that were bought used. One is a 12-foot Steinway concert grand that someone in his parents' neighborhood inherited and sold at a fraction of what it was worth. It was bought for his condo, but he ended up moving the one in his house to his condo and putting that one in his house, as the one in his house was just a Kawai.
    i don't think I'd have the nerve to sell a high chair or anything else that i couldn't be bothered with wiping down. It wouldn't take any significant time unless food had been allowed to harden on it. If such was the case, I wouldn't want something so filthy in my house or garage attracting vermin until I sold it. I'd throw it out and let someone take it out of the trash or the city dump if that's what someone wanted to do. It's not really that big a deal to say you're selling something as is, but you're probably going to come off as lazy at least and possibly unclean if you advertise something the way the high chair seller did.

    1. I don't know why she mentioned the item's cleanliness or lack thereof in the first place.


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