Sunday, October 4, 2015

Every party has a pooper...

Funny that I'd write this after this morning's post.

But it's just so damn fitting...

Yesterday, my cousin's daughter got married.  Naturally, I wasn't at the festivities, nor was I invited.  It could be because I live in Germany and inviting me would have been a waste of time and postage.  Maybe it's also because I'm a party pooper, but I don't want to digress.

The local TV station, WDBJ, ran a picture of my first cousin once removed and her new husband.  Apparently, their wedding made quite the racket because there were fireworks.  The bride's brother is a fireworks technician and does fireworks shows for a living.  Last year at Thanksgiving, he put on a show for the family.  It was very impressive.

One of my cousin's fireworks from his show at Thanksgiving.

Well, even though it rained on my cousin's wedding day (and mine too, now that I think about it), there were fireworks and apparently it was a hell of a show.  They had a permit for the festivities, though, so it should have been alright with the city.  Many people were supportive of the newly married couple and wrote nice comments on WDBJ's post, but more than one person complained that the show was inappropriate and disruptive, not to mention inconsiderate to other residents.  The local police departments were fielding a lot of calls from concerned residents who were afraid there was a mass shooting going on.  I suppose that's not an entirely unrealistic fear, still it was a wedding...

So, for those people who were pissed off about the fireworks, I dedicate Franc's famous "Party Pooper" song.  Enjoy!

That being said, since I suck at parties, it's probably good that I wasn't there.

Every party has a pooper that's why we invited you, party pooper!  Party pooper!

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