Monday, October 5, 2015

Be a Diana?

I just saw this on my Facebook feed...


I don't mean to be a party pooper, but Diana wasn't all that...

I mean, yes she was very beautiful and charismatic and yes she did a lot for charities.  It is impressive that she managed to influence the world the way she did.  But Diana certainly wasn't perfect and her behavior wasn't always noble or even good.  Aside from having affairs while she was married to Prince Charles (who, in fairness, was cheating on Diana with Camilla), Diana was known for her childish antics with the press.  She would complain about them hounding her, then deliberately do things to attract their attention.

Diana supposedly suffered from borderline personality disorder and bulimia, which likely made her very difficult to live with.  She was known for being very egocentric at times, impulsive, insecure, volatile, manipulative, vain and moody.  She was also known to cut off contact with those who pissed her off.  Sarah Ferguson, once married to Prince Andrew and once Diana's friend, was not on speaking terms with Diana when she died.  Elton John had his share of nasty spats with Diana, too.

While so many in the world miss Diana, she wasn't always a paragon of class or good judgment.  After all, had she been wearing a seatbelt the night of her death, she might still be alive today... perhaps fighting for the spotlight with her very popular daughter in law, Kate, and her two grandchildren.  I am sure she would have adored George and Charlotte, but if she really had cluster B tendencies, it's likely that she might have been threatened by them, too.  On the other hand, she may have mellowed out and aged gracefully.  The world will never know because all that remains of her is her legend.

I'm not saying that Diana wasn't worthy of love, admiration, or praise. She was a remarkable woman in very many ways. But she was certainly no saint and should not be held up as a saint. When it comes down to it, she was ultimately a celebrity, just like the Kardashians. I'm no fan of the Kardashian family, but they have their supporters. There must be some reason people like them.

Most people only know Diana, the Kardashians, and any other celebrity by what they see on TV or read in books, magazines, or on the Internet. When someone suggests that we should strive to "Be a Diana", they mean be the image she projected; because it's highly unlikely that they even knew who she really was. I don't know for certain, but I think the world would be very boring if it was filled with people striving to be like Diana and my guess is that if she were alive, she wouldn't want the pressure and burden of being a role model for so many.  

Personally, I think that instead of aspiring to be like Diana or the Kardashians, people should strive to be the best version of themselves that they can be.  There can only be one Diana.  There can only be one Kim Kardashian.  Guess what... there is also only one you.  

So instead of "being a Diana", why not just be yourself?  Most people prefer authentic people who are themselves over fake people who try to be someone they're not.  It's a lot less work to just be yourself, too.

That's my shot at wisdom for today.


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