Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The tooth is out...

There is a picture of my tooth in this post, but I don't think it looks too nasty...

But I was not given Valium and I ended up crying.

I had told Bill when he made the appointment to tell the receptionist that I'd want anti-anxiety meds.  Bill didn't tell her because he reasoned that she wouldn't care.  So I ended up sitting in the treatment room waiting for the dentist for probably twenty minutes or so and by the time he got to me, I was a mess.

He started talking to me about two artists he met with right before my extraction.  I must have been giving him a pretty rigid look because he said he could tell I was very nervous.  And I was.  Even though I have now had two teeth pulled and have never taken Valium, I was about to jump out of my skin.  I kept telling myself that it would be okay... it was just a baby tooth and plenty of people have them removed all the time.  My nerves still got the better of me.

Fortunately, Dr. Blair is a pro at what he does.  I gave him a brief history of having been traumatized by a military doctor and he said that the next time I have a big procedure, he'll make sure there are appropriate anti anxiety drugs.  I ended up having three injections.  I must admit, he was pretty good at determining what needed to be done.  He said I'd feel pressure as he loosened up the gums, then gave a good pull and it was out.

Upon examining the tooth, Dr. Blair determined that a root canal would have failed.  Apparently, there was a vertical fracture in one of the roots and that was the source of the infection.  So extraction was definitely the way to go.

And here it is, in all its glory...

I'm not in much pain now, though the anesthetic has worn off and I feel like there's a huge hole in my mouth.  In about three months, I should be healed and ready to get the implant started.  On October 5th, I'll go back for a cleaning and they'll get impressions.  At some point, they'll do a sinus lift... and we'll be significantly poorer.

All in all, I'd say it went well enough, even with my freaking out.  I cried when I had the other tooth removed when I was 16, too.  Bill is in the kitchen making me soup, now.

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