Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Speaking in tongues...

Speaking of Pat Boone...  check out this crazy ass video.

I don't know about you, but to me, this appears to be bullshit...  Especially at the end, when Pat asks if the cameraman wants a "walking shot".

And here is Pat Boone on CBN circa 1977...  I love finding this kind of stuff.  I used to watch WYAH when I was a kid and there was crazy religious stuff on that channel.

He's no Frank Sinatra.  I remember when this ad was on TV all the time.

Can you imagine Pat Boone getting so upset that he spanks the hell out of his young adult daughters?  He seems so nice and wholesome.  I listen to him talk and think he must be so kind and loving.  And yet he's capable of being majorly pissed off.

One of my Facebook/blogging/RfM friends says that she thinks Pat Boone was one of the causes of his daughter Cherry's anorexia nervosa.  I am sure that Boone's strict, controlling, parenting style was not helpful to his eldest daughter.  However, I don't know that parental strictness in and of itself causes eating disorders in young people.  It can be a way for people who are living in a very controlling environment to take some control back, but then it can also be a way to get attention or stay childlike.  The theories of what causes anorexia are many.

Anyway, getting back to the title of this post...  Have you ever seen anyone "speak in tongues"?  They say it's like God's own language.  I've seen it on a lot of televised programs like the one I posted above.  

This is an interesting video about speaking in tongues...

I have never been to a worship service where anyone spoke in tongues.  My parents were way too straight-laced to ever go to a service where people would go into a different state of mind and ramble incoherently.

Paula White doesn't speak tongues in this video, but she does talk about going to an Emmy party.  I used to watch her show on TBN for fun and she often spoke in tongues.

Here Paula talks about using her hips and lips...
I dunno...  I think a lot of religion is malarkey, but it does at least offer some entertainment.  Even when Pat Boone is the entertainment.

Here's ABC's report on speaking in tongues...  Paula and her ex husband, Randy, are interviewed.


  1. A couple of my aunts have relatives on the other sides of their families who are Pentecostal. I've seen it. Pat;s version of speaking in tongues is lower-key than what I've seen.
    He wrote in his book, "A New Song," about how his daughters used to spontaneously sing in tongues in 4-part polyphonic harmony..


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