Tuesday, September 8, 2015

"Pornography leads to psychosis..."

according to a commenter on Yahoo!  I never knew that.  I guess you learn something new every day. The person who made this claim was commenting on an article about Josh Duggar.  The author was sort of defending him, in much the same way I have on this blog, because he was raised by people who refused to let him develop normally and explore his sexuality.

This was the comment made by someone who thinks porn use leads to craziness...

This article is absolutely ridiculous and written to denigrate anyone of a religious ilk, as being sexually repressed, because they're following the Ten Commandments, and believe that sex before marriage is wrong. It was wrong before the 1960's, which introduced a whole new life style (free fall sex) and a myriad of venereal infections to boot, which, by the way, isn't healthy. Take AIDS for instance and HIV, which go hand in hand, and a host of others.

Josh had some deep seated personal problems, and he obviously got involved in Pornography, which has a damaging effect on all males and females. Ted Bundy, who was a rapist/murderer and predator of young females (ages 7 to 30ish) who had their long hair parted in the middle, confessed, before he was executed, that it was Pornography which drove him to commit the murders of literally hundreds of women. He was addicted to Violent Porn.

Anyone who indulges in pornography will become psychotic, even if they don't admit it, and will eventually ruin their lives and those of their spouses for good. It always has to go one level upward, and never downward, unless they seek help for their addiction.

I can pretty much verify that a person can look at porn and not go crazy.   How?  Easy.  I've done it.  Bill has done it.  Millions of people have done it with no ill effects.  If people went crazy from looking at porn, there would have to be a whole lot of guys with nets running around, capturing the lunatics.  

Can a person be "addicted" to porn?  I think it's possible, but then I think a person can become addicted to most anything.  You can become so involved in something or use so much of a substance that it interferes with your life.  I'd say that if you are viewing porn so often that you ignore your offline/ real life relationships, you have a problem.  If you spend all your money on porn rather than taking care of your financial obligations, you have a problem.  If you substitute porn for real relationships, you have a problem.  But the vast majority of people are not going to have a problem with porn, just like the vast majority of people can drink casually and not turn into alcoholics or play slots and not turn into gambling addicts.  

Moreover, there is a huge difference between being addicted to something and having psychosis.  A person who is psychotic is not in touch with reality, has delusions, is unable to take care of themselves, and may or may not be a danger to themselves or others.  There are a number of psychiatric conditions that can cause psychosis, but simply looking at porn does not, in and of itself, cause psychosis.  The above commenter is speaking from a place of profound ignorance.

Now... as for Josh Duggar, I have no idea about the total extent of his problems.  I do think that a lot of them may have stemmed from being severely repressed, but I don't know that for certain.  I think Josh is a jerk and I wouldn't want to leave him alone with any children.  Do I think he's crazy or psychotic?  No...  but I do think he'd do well to get out on his own and seek some real counseling from someone qualified and empathetic.  I am not yet at a point at which I think we ought to take him out in a field somewhere and put a bullet in his head.  Unfortunately, I think there are people out there who think that about him and have no hope that he will ever redeem himself.  I like to think that most people are capable of reform to some degree.

No, porn use does not lead to psychosis and it does not necessarily ruin lives or turn decent men into rapists or murderers.  I don't think that porn use is something that needs to be facilitated in places where people are dealing with behavioral problems.  It's not appropriate for it to be in schools, prisons, hospitals, or the like.  But privately used every so often, porn is pretty harmless, as long as the people making it are of a legal age and are in the business by consent.

For more reading on why people use porn, check out this article from pbs.org.



  1. I'm not a licensed medical health professional, so my comments are those of a layperson t best. I don't think porn can make a person psychotic, schizophrenic, overweight, or a Scientologist unless everything else necessary to bring on such a condition were already present. I haven't seen what would probably qualify as legitimate porn in this day and age yet, but I will see it because they show it in one of my classes that I'll have next quarter. Then I'll be able to comment more knowledgeably about it.

    As far as Josh Duggar and his problems, even with my lack of knowledge, I'd say it would be hard to know where to start even for a mental health professional personally treating him. You've got the first of nineteen kids who had a mother who was very possibly out of control when her youngest children were very young. Then there's the aspect of josh being somewhat put on a pedestal in his family for being the oldest and male. He was allegedly revered as some sort of junior king. Then you have the situation of parents who didn't have nearly the man- or woman-power to supervise their children, and who delegated the raising of their children to their older children, and who would likely turn a somewhat deaf ear to any complaints form younger children about abuse of any form at the hands of those older children in charge of them. The you have the whole church-in-the-garage nutcase fundy mentality and the repressed sexuality that naturally accompanies it.

    It would be a complete miracle if any one of those nineteen children emerges from that hellhole in any sort of state that could be considered remotely normal. It's practically a given that they'll enter adulthood in conditions of extreme ignorance, but their future mental health is in just about as much jeopardy.

    1. Well, to be honest, I find most porn to be pretty boring. I like to read sexy stories, but looking at airbrushed pictures of enhanced people having fake sex doesn't interest me much. Once, when Bill and I first got married, we ordered a couple of hours of porn. I was curious and he was fresh from Mormonism. It was non-stop fucking. Bored me to tears.


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