Thursday, September 17, 2015

Having a "senior moment" at age 43...

Oh my God... I really am 43, aren't I?  Where has the time gone?  It's amazing how much faster twenty years go by once you turn 21.  Last night, I was musing about how I went to Armenia when I was about to turn 23.  It still seems like yesterday.  Now I'm 43 and that was 20 years ago.  Think about it.  When I was in Armenia, 20 years ago meant I was 3.  And it's not lost on me that I'll be in my 60s before I know it!  That is, if I don't die in a freak accident or end up with a terrible disease that I neglect to treat because of my aversion to doctors.

Yesterday I had it in my mind that it was time to take Zane to the vet for his monthly allergy shot.  I think I got confused because we were out of town.  Although I remembered that our appointment was on the 17th, I somehow thought yesterday was the 17th, even though I knew yesterday was Wednesday and not Thursday, which is when I usually take the dogs.

I showed up at the vet's office and it was locked.  That was strange.  I was momentarily confused.  Then a woman and a high school aged boy showed up and unlocked the office.  It turned out they were there to clean.  The woman spoke no English, but was very nice and seemed very confused as to why I was there.  I was equally confused.  I sat for a moment until it dawned on me that my appointment was for Thursday the 17th, not Wednesday the 16th.  All was not lost, though.  The housekeeper seemed delighted to meet Zane and Arran, who were equally delighted to meet her.

I came home and poured myself a Belgian beer, reminding myself that my addled brain probably shouldn't be soused with more alcohol.  I will load the dogs up again this afternoon and take them to the vet for Zane's shot.  And I hope the next appointment won't be for another month.  I feel like I live at the vet's office.

Here's the funny thing.  I feel like I wasn't actually grown up until I hit 30.  That was only 13 years ago and I'm already feeling like I'm about to be old.  A lot of my friends are grandparents now.  I never even managed to have any kids.

Sheesh.  Well, I could be writing about a number of things today.  Nurses are up in arms because Miss Colorado gave a monologue for the talent portion on Miss America and talked about being a nurse.  Idiots on The View wondered why she had a stethoscope.  Duh.  Even I know that many medical professionals use stethoscopes.

Or I could be writing more about the refugees flooding into Europe and being warded off the Hungarian border with water cannons and tear gas.

Or I could be writing about the fact that on Tuesday, I'm finally getting my baby tooth extracted and I totally dread it.  In a way, this will be good because I'm tired of dreading it and the tooth has been getting infected a lot lately.  In another way, I dread the pain and having a hole in my smile, even though it will likely be temporary.  And in Europe, lots of people are visibly missing teeth.  I just hope he drugs me with something more than novocaine or whatever the equivalent is.

Or I could be writing about any number of other things in the news right now.  I think I'm just coming down after four nights away.

It's dark and rainy this morning and I'm kind of tempted to go back to bed.  But we did at least have a nice sunrise.


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