Friday, September 4, 2015

DWI? Here's a creative transportation solution...

Meet Tara Monroe, a junior at Texas State University.  Like a lot of college students, Tara Monroe is a fan of drinking.  She is also a fan of driving.  After refusing a Breathalyzer test after a Waka Flocka concert, Monroe was charged with a DWI.  She was arrested on March 4th of this year with a $3000 bond.

Her dad stripped her of her car and left her a bike to use around campus, Monroe claims that biking at school "sucks", so she came up with an enterprising solution.  Checking Craig's List, Monroe was able to find a little girl named Charlene offloading a Barbie jeep.  She paid $60 for the vehicle and is now making a name for herself, zipping around campus in it at five miles per hour.  Monroe even named the vehicle in honor of Charlene.

Though at 5'3", she's not quite the size intended for the Barbie jeep, Monroe manages.  Of course, she would probably get around faster if she took up jogging.  Frankly, I'm surprised her dad brought her a bike.  Mine would have expected me to walk.  In fact, I didn't even have a car at school until I was a senior.  

While I admire Monroe's spunk and ingenuity in getting her fifteen minutes of fame, I think the seriousness of what she did may have been lost on her.  But I can't see banning Barbie cars for people with DWIs, so I guess I can give Monroe credit for being crafty.

Tara and "Charlene"

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