Sunday, September 6, 2015

"Another dump?"

Bill asked me this morning if I needed to take one.

It started this way.  I needed to pee.  He was in the shower.  We're pretty liberal about barging in on each other when one of us is in the bathroom.  I do try to wait if I can, but the need was strong and I wanted to put my contacts lenses in.  So I went into the bathroom and took a quick whiz while Bill showered.

He got out of the shower as I was inserting my lenses.  I turned and looked at him with a smile and my most lovingly adoring look in my eyes.

His response?  "Another dump?"

"No.  I was trying to look loving and adoring, but obviously I failed." I said with a laugh.

"Oh...  I didn't even notice that." Bill said, "I just thought you needed to dump because you were sitting on the toilet."

"I'm a girl.  I sit when I pee." I explained.

"So do I... " Bill countered, "At least when I'm at home."

"No, you don't.  Not always." I said.

"Well, okay, you got me there." Bill conceded.

"You realize now that I'm going to have to embarrass you." I warned.

"Yes, I know." Bill said with a chuckle.

Gosh, we're strange.


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