Wednesday, August 19, 2015

So now Jared Fogle, Subway pitchman, is a pervert...

Seriously.  I just read about Jared Fogle, the former Subway pitchman who famously lost about 245 pounds eating at Subway.   He went from a peak of 425 pounds to 180 pounds and became a sensation, starring in ads touting the chain's "healthy" alternatives to burgers.  Frankly, I have never been a Subway fan, though I will admit that their bread smells good.

Sadly, Mr. Fogle is now in hot water with the law for possession of child pornography and is expected to plead guilty in a child porn case.  In May, Russell C. Taylor, who was the executive director of The Jared Foundation, was busted for having and producing kiddie porn.  Back then, Fogle said he was cutting ties with Taylor.  But now it looks like he's got his hands just as dirty.  In July, police raided Fogle's home and took electronics thought to be linked to Taylor's case.

I gotta say, in the past year, there sure have been a lot of men falling from grace in very public and embarrassing ways.  First we had actor Stephen Collins, who was accused of exposing himself to teenagers back in the 1980s.  Then Bill Cosby's name gets dragged through the dirt with accusations that he'd raped dozens of women.  And now Jared Fogle, weight loss guru and child obesity fat fighter, is in trouble for having child pornography and paying for and having sex with minors.

When it comes to child pornography, you only have to have it to get in trouble.  You can get arrested for simple possession, even if you didn't put it there and even if you didn't know it existed.  That's why it makes sense to password protect all of your devices and be very careful about letting people having access to your computers.

At first, it looked like Fogle might simply be guilty by association, but an investigation revealed that Fogle paid a former female Subway franchisee for sex with a 16 year old girl.  He also made some very inappropriate comments about middle school aged girls.

You just can't trust anyone anymore, can you?  It's sad that so many male role models turn out to be anything but role model worthy.

Well, I expect Jared will soon be chowing down on prison food.  Hope he can keep the weight off in the big house.         


  1. to think I actually liked Jared. . .

    My dad doesn't even have kid x-rays on his computers. It's a scary world, and child porn is today's version of colonial witchcraft.

    1. Well, in this case, Jared does appear to have been doing bad things with kids. It's a real shame.


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