Monday, August 10, 2015


A few years ago, I blogged about crazy people living on Army posts.  In that post, I wrote about a former neighbor of mine... a guy I came to refer to as "Shithead".  I couldn't stand the guy for many reasons.

When I first laid eyes on Shithead, he had just moved back into his apparently abandoned Army quarters right after his wife died of cancer.  He had her kids from another relationship and treated them like shit.  He had a dog that he'd treat like shit, too.  He hit on the prettier Army wives who lived in our neighborhood and acted like an entitled, inconsiderate ass.  I was so happy when he moved.  He had told me that he was going to retire from the Army...  as a major.

Well, today I decided to look up Shithead.  I don't know why.  I was just feeling curious, I guess.  I very quickly found the fucker.  Apparently, Shithead is trying to become a self help guru.  He blogs from home and has a whole bunch of social media campaigns going.  Although he has a huge Web presence, he doesn't have much to say and reveals little about himself, other than the fact that he's a massive asshole.

I see he's on Facebook and has 55 followers.  Why these people are following him, I will never know.  He has a bunch of religious and spiritual memes on his page, along with poorly constructed articles he's written about how to make money blogging.  If he's making money as a blogger, I'm Aunt Jemima.  His posts are very impersonal, poorly written, and read like spam.

I'm sorry.  This post is full of profanity.  I shouldn't be so unprofessional about Shithead.  If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all, right?  But seriously... I lived next to this man for several months.  I put up with his trampoline erected next to our bedroom window and his ugly pink flamingo.  I listened to his labrador puppy cry for hours when he left her outside in the heat.  I listened to him yell at the kids who were really his late wife's... I found out that their real dad had tried to maintain contact with them, but was rebuffed (our postman was a gossip).  I watched him strut around the neighborhood, preening and trying to flirt with women.  His wife obviously had a generous life insurance policy because he spoke of trying to turn his non existent backyard into a spa.  He bought a brand new cherry red truck and drove too fast.  And he was just a big ol' skank.

I have to admit, it doesn't surprise me that he's still a loser.  Here's a quote from a recent post he supposedly wrote...

How much money can you make? No one really knows how much money you can earn from blogging. A recent survey says that out of 1500 bloggers, 4% make money over $10 000 per month, 9% make as much as $1000-$10 000 a month, 10% don t make anything, while the rest make less than $3.50 per day.

Yeah.  Keeping it unique and original, huh?  Alright then....  Shithead, I dedicate today's blog post to YOU!  Looking further at the blog, I see a link to this company.  Aha!  So he must have gotten involved with some kind of business that promotes paid blogging.  It sounds a bit like an MLM.  He's trying to recruit new people... and it looks like the only people who are actively commenting on and viewing his stuff are others who are involved with this blog building company.  It comes across as really fake and lame.

Shithead has lots of Web sites and a presence on YouTube and Twitter.  He's crowing about this blogging for bucks biz he has going, but really saying nothing that means anything.

I suppose I ought to concern myself with something more interesting than Shithead, so I guess I will.  I just think this is an odd development.  I guess I shouldn't be too surprised, though.  The man has always been a jackass.    



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    1. I discovered the girl, now 18, aspires to be a model. She is pretty, but not so much model material.


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