Saturday, August 22, 2015

Moms, just let 'em masturbate or you'll be sorry...

So, over breakfast this morning, Bill shows me God's page on Facebook.  There's a post about Josh Duggar.  Evidently, besides having an Ashley Madison account and a porn addiction, Josh also had a secret Facebook page where he posted pictures of lingerie models and strippers.  On that page, he referred to himself as "Joe Smithson" and apparently started posting as far back as 2004.

I must say, if it's true Josh was posting back then, I am impressed.  That's four years before I was on Facebook and I didn't have to contend with a password protected computer with nanny filters on it and "Nike!" demanding sisters guarding it with their virtues.  Anyway, it's clear that Josh was overflowing with hormones and likely a lot of semen that he was not allowed to expel in a private way.  Hence the need for the secret Facebook page and pictures of curvy women.

I think it's interesting that Josh chose the name Joe Smithson as his alias.  It's awfully close to the name Joseph Smith, another notoriously narcissistic child molester and skirt chaser... and founder of a world religion.  Come to think of it, I bet Josh would enjoy Mormonism more than being a fundie Baptist.  In the LDS version of heaven, a man can practice polygamy and it's okay.   Josh clearly has an overactive libido that isn't satisfied by Anna alone, poor thing.

I doubt Josh has ever studied Mormonism, but I bet it would appeal to him.  It has all the clean living and family friendly elements that come with promoting a clean, wholesome image.  But it's perhaps a little less stifled than the fundie Baptist lifestyle.  The women aren't quite as fond of wearing jumpers.  Of course, Josh would have to go through the temple, give up coffee and tea, and wear the special underwear.  My guess is that all of those sacrifices would make him feel special and feed his overweening ego.  In fact, I think his position in the Duggar family probably also made him feel special, yet burdened with the responsibility of being a leader and role model.  I'm sure the pressure was intense.  I'm sure he needed to blow off some steam... and probably blow a few big loads, too.    

Last night, I read about how Boob and Michelle are "stunned" that Josh was doing all these things...

Michelle's reaction?

Once again, I say that they are partially to blame for this mess.  Here's a quote from the People article I linked to...

"This wasn't something they ever imagined was possible," says the source. "They so strictly limit their exposure to these sorts of outside influences – from websites to even the sort of television they watch, if they turn on the TV at all – that they were absolutely baffled by how this could have been possible."

This makes it sound like the Duggars were never worldly people.  Boob and Michelle led comparatively normal lives when they were growing up.  They went to school.  Michelle wore pants and cheerleader skirts.  She even wore a bikini while mowing the lawn, which famously annoyed her neighbor because she was tempting the neighbor's husband "whose lust could not be 'righteously fulfilled'".  

The Duggars' kids dress very modestly (though Jessa seems to be pushing the envelope lately), were homeschooled, and supposedly sheltered from the trappings of the world.  Except they've grown up on television, that cursed invention that they supposedly never even turned on at home.  My theory is that parents can't completely shelter their offspring from sex.  It's pervasive in American and European culture.  Making it dirty or sinful only makes it more attractive.  

Part of growing up is rebellion and I think Josh was engaging in a little rebellion with his secret Facebook page.  I think there was a part of him that had no desire to be a religious nut.  He probably just wanted to be like his peers.  He was denied that choice.

Again, I'm not defending Josh's actions.  I think his behavior has been pretty disgusting.  However, I can sort of see where it's coming from.  It's not like he had a lot of control over most of his life.  He was forced to be what his parents expected of him, at least outwardly.  I think there may have been a little part of him that just wanted to rebel...  and perhaps jerk off in peace.  So no, I don't think exposure to the world is what made Josh do this.  In fact, I think the opposite is true.

Some time ago, I ran across the following post on Babycenter.  It was posted by a religious mom who was worried that her son would be exposed to smut by viewing underwear ads on

Just blocked on my family computer... Because I had a weird dream last night.

I realized today that my kids can view serious lingerie there, and with a son approaching the age of 8, I figure it's time to start securing the fort from all types of eroticism, and having shopped for bras online at amazon before, I know what kind of images are there for the viewing that my filter doesn't catch.

Just thought I would put that out there for anyone interested.

I figure the annoyance of having to password through to shop online is worth it to prevent my kids from viewing porn, or even the types of images that lead to later porn use.

My whole goal in life is to get my son to the age of 16 without having encountered any erotic images online. I'm at a place where I don't believe I can put it off indefinitely, but I can put it off as long as humanly possible.

We don't have tv and we don't take catalogs. I need to chat up my son's (and daughters') friends moms and let them know that we have a no computer for fun at friends' homes rule, and also need to chat with the grandparents about putting filters on their computers or having a no time on the computer at grandma's rule as well.


I say, parents, your kids need to grow up normally and develop a healthy attitude regarding sex.  No, you shouldn't be exposing them to egregiously erotic material when they are kids.  But you also shouldn't be extreme about limiting their exposure to normal stuff like underwear ads or people dancing.  You shouldn't be overly concerned about what they do when they're alone in the bathroom or in bed.  That's not going to stop them from being interested in sex.  If anything, it'll make sex and erotic stuff even more enticing to them.

This mom has the right idea about jerking off.

And when you keep your kids on such a tight leash when they are adolescents, they will go a bit hog wild when they are finally on their own.  I am not certain that Josh wouldn't have done all this had he had a more normal upbringing, but I don't think the repressive home life was helpful to him.
Anyway, this just keeps getting more and more sordid.  The Duggar family has officially become a very embarrassing train wreck.  And I am sure we will eventually come to realize that this is just the tip of the iceberg.


  1. i think I recall a surgeon general 9Jocelyn Elders, perhaps?) advocating masturbation. She might have worded things a bit more delicately for a somewhat puritanical and sex-deminized socity, but she really wasn't far off the mark.

    while Josh Duggar is nresponsible for his actions, his parents certainly helped to create the environment that caused him to reble and to err in a few egregious eways. I don't blamed Boob snd the wife for his act in the molestation, thugh i do blame them both for not anticipating that it was a possibility in such a large family and for not monitoring a bit more carefully, and I don't agree with their handling of the situaation after the fact. I also think that if reports are correct that one victim was a mere four-year-old, he really should have faced the full extent of the law.

    1. Oh yeah... but the molestation shit is old news. We're now talking about the fact that he's apparently a philanderer, despite all his platitudes about the importance of marriage and family. He's clearly got sexual issues.

      You are right about Jocelyn Elders. I seem to remember her being rather controversial, though. I don't recall her being the surgeon general for long.


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