Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Memes and politics...

Yesterday, while messing around on my Facebook, I saw the following meme...

I thought this was kinda funny, so I shared it on my own page.

Little did I know that this meme would spark a debate about anchor babies.  One person wrote that the meme was "stupid" because Trump's exes weren't illegals.  Another person chose to define anchor babies for me.  Still a third person came dangerously close to trying to bait me into a political debate.

I certainly understand why many people think illegal immigrants and so-called "anchor babies" are a big problem in the United States.  And yes, I know what anchor babies are and didn't really need the term defined for me.  Even if I didn't know, there's always Google and I know how to use it like a pro.  

I honestly shared the above meme because I thought it was funny.  Donald Trump has made babies with two women who are immigrants and is himself the son of an immigrant.   Of course, Trump's mom and the mothers of his children are of the "white and delightsome" type immigrants, the kind that many politicians would prefer over those with darker skin and less money in the bank. 

Anyway, it really was supposed to be just a joke. Alas, my joke went *poof* at about 10:00 my time last night because that was when someone really took me to task for posting this photo.

At the time he made his comment, the photo had been up for hours and I was preparing to go to bed.  And, I have to admit, I found his condescending tone annoying.  So first I whined, "Can't I have a meme on my Facebook page without an argument? It was a joke."

My "friend" came back with a comment about how I don't want to "take responsibility" for what I post, which naturally pissed me off even more.  But he did say he'd "leave the joke there."  

So I wrote this, "If you had chimed in a few hours ago, maybe I'd entertain a debate with you. But it's getting late here and I'm going to go to bed. Aside from that, I really did post this because I thought it was a funny point, not because I want to argue politics. The truth is, it doesn't matter who Trump is married to at the moment or the parentage of his kids. I won't be voting for him and nothing anyone says will change my mind. So a debate with me would be pointless and would probably just piss me off."  In retrospect, I wish I'd just told him to fuck off.

Afterwards, I started thinking about online political debates and how they usually equate to something like this...

I mean, seriously, it's pointless.

Later, he came back and claimed that he wasn't trying to troll for Trump's presidential ticket.  He just thought my comments were "off base" and felt the need to publicly point that out to me.  Fine.  But I still have to wonder what his point was.  Did he think that telling me that the mothers of Trump's children weren't illegals and the comparison isn't the same was going to educate me somehow?  Did it make him feel better about himself to post condescending remarks and chastise me for posting "irresponsibly"?  Because honestly, all it did for me was make me think he's an overbearing jerk.

The older I get, the less time and patience I have for bullshit, especially when it's political bullshit.  Every once in awhile, I don't mind having a debate with someone, as long as the debate is civil and respectful.  Approach me with contempt, condescension, sarcasm, or derision and I'll quickly show you the door.  I don't have the time for that.


Interestingly enough, I have yet to see this film...  I agree with the sentiment conveyed in this clip, though.

I freely admit that sometimes I'm childish.  Sometimes I post stupid shit.  Sometimes I say and do things that beg for other people to call me on the carpet.  There was a time when I was more willing to engage people who wanted to argue or debate with me about things.  As I get older, I find have less patience for arguments or debates... or trying to convince people of my viewpoint or hearing them try to convince me of theirs.

As for my choice to post the above meme, the fact of the matter is, I think Donald Trump is very offensive and he's not someone I want to see leading the country.  I enjoy poking fun at him and making jokes about his penchant for fucking good-looking, white, immigrant women and wearing stupid hairstyles.  Other people may think he's just what the United States needs.  And that's fine.  They are entitled to their opinions and are free to vote whichever way they see fit.  That doesn't mean I want or need to be convinced of Trump's "brilliance".  In my view, he's a walking scrotum who ranks just below Mitt Romney.  I strongly doubt my opinion of him will change before the election.

So I will continue to post stupid memes on my Facebook and in my blog because I feel like it.  If you think I need to be educated or am off base or whatever, fine.  But if you choose to tell me so, especially in a condescending way, it's likely that I will simply politely invite you to fuck off because it's doubtful that I really give a shit.  Just so we're straight.  


  1. Facebook should really exist for two purposes in my opinion. One is to communicate in an efficient way with one's real-life acquaintances, particularly those one doesn't see on a regular basis, when making phone calls or sending mass mailings through the U.s. postal service would be unwieldy. The other , in my opinion, is to have fun. If someone has a problem with it, screw them.

    As far as Trums wives, I hadn't really trhough about their immigrant status. Just what was it that made them legal immigrants? was it that they possessed a skill that made them marketable to our nation, or did they have wealthy sponsors? I really don't know the answer to that question, but the idea that a person who is so blatantly anti-immigrant when the immigrants are neither wealthy nor white and delightsome sort of reeks.

    We all know, or at least those of us with brains know, that few if any opinions regarding politics are likely to be swaayed by anyone's postings on Facebook. Nonetheless, anyone with an account has the right to post anything he or she pleases that doesn't cross over the lines to libel or defamation. Those who disagree with a particular posting or or don't find it as funny as the rest of us do need to move on. One's fB page + the right to post anything non-libelous or non-defamatory. Perid. Peoploe who have nothing better to do than to take offense at others' postings need to get real lives.

  2. More typos than usual. I have ointment in my eyes and don't type by touch. I hope you can make sense of my post.

  3. I don't mind the occasional discussion or debate. It's the pricks (and it's usually men who do this) who come off with a condescending or holier than thou attitude who chap my ass. It's like the testosterone in them makes them feel like they have to compare swords with everyone they meet. It gets tiresome.

    Every once in awhile, I get into it with women, too. They're usually veterans, which makes perfect sense if you think about it.

    I should probably apologize for the pissy tone of this post. I'm just missing Bill. I'm bored, lonely, and don't feel especially well and that is affecting my overall mood.


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