Sunday, August 16, 2015

Knock it off! More Facebook fatigue...

Yesterday, I wrote about how I'm starting to feel "Facebooked out".  I was a little conflicted posting about my Facebook fatigue, since I know a lot of my readers come from Facebook.  Nevertheless, my mind is still on that topic, so I'm going to continue with it today.

As I was waking up yesterday morning, I read the news about Kayla Mueller's last 18 months on Earth.  After she was abducted by ISIS, she was "married off" and became a sex slave to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of the so-called Islamic State.  Mueller was kept chained in a room with other sex slaves, most of whom were Yazidi women.  She was regularly assaulted by al-Baghdadi until she was finally killed earlier this year.  Of course, I wasn't at all surprised to read that Mueller was repeatedly raped.  I would have figured that to be par for the course.

I posted the above article along with my comment that I would love to see a group of Amazon women kidnap some of these ISIS assholes and beat the ever loving shit out of them.  Then, I'd like to see them rip off their testicles with their bare hands, cover them in honey and fire ants, and watch them bleed to death.  But then, wishing that to happen sort of lowers me to their level, so I ended with the comment that I hoped their were given a one way ticket straight to hell post haste.

For most of the day, the conversation was going reasonably well.  But then I got a comment from someone who was deliberately trying to bait me into an argument about religion.  This person, a very opinionated and outspoken atheist, decided that we should compare the brutality of certain Christians to Muslims.  In fairness, the comment was in response to another comment left by someone else who wrote that jihadists were justifying their criminal actions on religion.  My atheist friend commented that our media and politicians try to sway public opinion with stories about women being raped, yet they ignore the way some Christians mistreat women.

My original comments had nothing to do with religion.  I am just frustrated by all the stories about ISIS and their acts of barbarism.  I don't think what they're doing has the first thing to do with religion.  I think they are the acts of murderous raping thugs.  I'm sick of seeing them getting away with it, yet I also know what another war could mean, especially with a group as ruthless and extreme as ISIS is.

In any case, my atheist friend still wanted to have a debate about religion.  I happened to be enjoying a nice meal at an African restaurant last night and was in no mood to argue.  So I wrote that I felt the comments about Christians was beside the point.  I also know very well this person's opinions of religion.  He has an agenda against organized religions, especially Christianity.  To promote his agenda, he decided to persist in trying to bait me into a debate.  I reiterated that I didn't want to discuss it.  He tried again and I asked him to take the discussion to his own Facebook page, which prompted him to try to shame me.  He wrote:

so you only like a discussion on a subject you post if you agree with the person? That is very short sighted of you and i would not have expected it. I would approve any discussion with you on my post. I would never ask you to "take it to your page". My discussion was very on topic.

I am usually fairly tolerant of people wanting to discuss things on my page.  Lately, though, I've found myself involved in pointless arguments with people who seem determined to try to sway me to their viewpoint.  I'm just a little tired of it.  Moreover, it's my fucking Facebook page.  I have a perfect right to decide if and when I want to get into a "discussion" with someone.  Aside from that, while I know I should have put my phone away during dinner (I was using it to take pics of the food), I was out having a good time with Bill and it wasn't a good time for a debate.

For the record, I don't necessarily disagree with my friend's views of Christians and the hypocrisy associated with Christianity.  Believe me, I know their shit stinks as much as anyone else's.  I just didn't feel like tying Christian atrocities to ISIS atrocities last night, especially since I truly don't believe ISIS really cares about religion.  It's just an excuse used by sociopathic thugs to be barbaric rapists and murderers, just as religion was used as an excuse by Bill's twatbag ex wife to poison his children's minds against him.  Twatbag doesn't give a flying fuck about Mormonism.  She just wants to control, hurt, and punish people in the most vile and despicable way possible.  She uses religion to justify it.  Same thing as ISIS, though ISIS admittedly works on a much larger and more barbaric scale than twatbag does.  Fortunately, the types of people who do this shit usually have their asses handed to them.  I look forward to seeing it happen... hope it does during my lifetime.

I honestly fear that another world war could come out of our struggles with ISIS.  They are becoming bolder and bolder and they are pissing off people in more and more countries.  I fear that eventually, someone will make a drastic decision that could result in a war the likes that no one has ever seen.  I could be wrong and I hope I am.  But it really appears that the people of ISIS are trying very hard to engage the planet in warfare.  They have no shame and no scruples.  They aren't afraid to die for their miserable cause

In any case, getting back to my Facebook fatigue.  I don't mind having reasonable discussions with people when I'm in the mood for them.  I do think that one should be respectful of other peoples' space, though, and not try to shame people into arguments when they've made it clear they aren't interested in debating.  If you feel that strongly about your views, you can always start a discussion on your own page.  Hijacking someone else's posts so you can spout off your views is rather rude.  It's kind of like taking over hosting duties at someone else's cocktail party.

I eventually told my friend to "knock it off"...  Fortunately, he did.  I guess I really am my parents' daughter after all, since I often heard "knock it off" from them.  Anyway, I am still Facebook fatigued.  It's making me think I should plan a getaway to a beach somewhere where there is no Internet access.

Bill found this at the local Real yesterday...  It seems fitting.


  1. regarding fB, i find it difficult to miss what i never had.

  2. Interesting that my ex best friend is the one who got me on it.


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