Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Josie Duggar... future singing star?

Yesterday, I finally watched the very last episode of 19 Kids & Counting.  It was an interview type of thing, which supposedly aired on May 19th, right around the time Josh Duggar's sexual misconduct was revealed to the public.  During that very last episode, JimBoob Duggar claims that little Josie Duggar has "perfect pitch".

I highly doubt Boob knows what perfect pitch, otherwise known as absolute pitch, is.  It has nothing to do with simply being able to sing on key, but it is rather the ability to identify notes without a reference.  I happen to have perfect pitch and relative pitch myself, though I have noticed that as I get older, it's not as acute as it once was.  I was about six years old when it was discovered.  Supposedly, kids with the ability to have perfect pitch have to develop it at or before age six.  After that, even if you were born able to identify notes, you probably won't be able to.  It has something to do with brain development.  Someone smarter than me can explain that.  In fact, here's an interesting article about absolute pitch with even more research about it.

About twelve years ago, I entered a medical study for people with perfect pitch.  I took a test online and passed it.  It wasn't an easy test by any means.  The first time I took it, I failed it by only a couple of points in part because my hand/eye coordination was off.  I had to identify the notes very quickly and it was easy to make mistakes simply due to hitting the wrong keys.  I retook the test the next day and easily passed it, noticing that the notes that I was identifying were the very same ones I'd heard the day prior.  A person involved in the study wrote to me and I confessed that I had retaken the test.  She said she was glad, since I had been really close the day before and usually people that close could be included in the study.  Supposedly, only one in 10,000 people has perfect pitch, so they were really looking for subjects.

When it comes to making music, perfect pitch is not that useful, really... it's a neat party trick.  Relative pitch is probably the more valuable musical "talent".  In fact, I find that perfect pitch can be a nuisance because I always notice when something is "off" and it drives me crazy.  When I worked at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, VA, I used to hear polka music all day.  One of the polka tunes had a note that was about a half step off.  I was the only one who noticed it, though it was glaringly obvious to me.

Listen to this and see if you hear what I hear...
Anyway, I have heard little Josie sing and she can sing on key.  And, for all I know, she may actually have "perfect pitch".  I just don't think Boob understands the term and what it really means.  I think when he says Josie has perfect pitch, it means she's able to sing on key.


I will admit that for a five year old, she's not bad at all...

I hope Josie never loses her confidence and ability to perform so easily in front of people.  I'm guessing she won't, mainly because she will continue to be trotted out for the masses as the Duggars struggle to stay relevant.  She's been on stage since the moment she was pulled out of the gaping hole in her mother's womb.  But if it turns out their family becomes obscure, maybe Josie will become a musician.  And maybe by the time she's old enough to move out of the house, Boob will be too senile to stop her.  Maybe she'll be able to do something other than scratch out a simple hymn on a violin.

I will admit being kind of in awe of Josie as I watched her yesterday.  When she was very little, I remember people thinking there was something "off" about her.  I don't know if there is or not.  All I see is that she's a very loving and affectionate child who has recovered remarkably well from her traumatic birth.  I hope she's able to stay so sweet and happy.    

It was weird watching that last episode of the Duggars' show because it's pretty obvious there would have been another season.  There are previews and teasers at the end of the show.  Clearly, no one was expecting that the huge scandal involving Josh Duggar and his sisters would erupt a couple of months ago.  To be honest, I like watching the kids.  Boob and Michelle make me cringe and I would just as well prefer them to ride off into the sunset.

I feel pretty sure that in the coming years, someone will break out of the family and there will be a tell all book... and that is one book about them I'll actually read.  My guess is that it'll be one of the people who marry a Duggar kid...  Someone will be disenfranchised enough to write the truth about them... or at least about Boob, who really deserves a good tell all written about him.

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