Friday, August 21, 2015

Josh Duggar admits that he's a scumbag...

Last night, it was confirmed that Josh Duggar has been cheating on his wife, Anna.  He posted a confession on his parents' Web site, basically blaming porn for the fact that he's a massive hypocrite.  I suppose it's a good thing that he sort of came clean about his "habits".  It would have been worse if he'd have pulled a Bill Clinton and denied his extracurricular sexual activities.  But then, I guess at this point, he had little to lose in coming clean.  The Duggars have already lost their show and, with each passing day and new revelation, they lose respect from the public.

On the other hand, had none of this stuff ever come out, he'd still be living that so-called "double life" he refers to in his statement.  He'd still be collecting a paycheck for chastising homosexuals who want to get married and standing on a soapbox, yammering about family values.  While it's good that he came clean, I think he had little other choice.

Some people are calling Josh a "sociopath".  I don't know if I'd call him that.  While sociopaths are probably more common than many people realize, there is specific criteria for being categorized as one.  Being a philanderer and engaging in molestation doesn't necessarily make someone a sociopath.  On the other hand, looking at this list of "symptoms" from the Mayo Clinic, I suppose it's possible that Josh has antisocial personality disorder.  I don't know him well enough to make that determination, though.  At the very least, he appears to be very narcissistic.

Last November, Josh Duggar gave a speech about the importance of marriage...
Interesting that Josh Duggar can get up and speak to the masses about the importance of marriage and family and conservative family values.  At the same time, he's been sneaking around on his wife, Anna, and depriving his family of his presence and participation.  Josh has pretty much admitted infidelity, which I take to mean that he did actually cheat with someone rather than simply viewing porn or soliciting an affair.  The time he spent cheating was time he wasn't devoting to his wife and their family.  In the above video, he preaches about how very important family is.  But he doesn't practice what he preaches.  Indeed, if he has been carrying on with another woman, he's put his wife at risk for sexually transmitted infections.  That's not a very loving or caring thing to do.

I still think Josh's very repressive upbringing did him no favors, though he might have behaved this way regardless.  Being as sheltered as he was growing up, he clearly never learned how to cover his tracks.  Maybe that's a blessing.

I think back to 2004, when the Duggars were simply a novelty.  Michelle Duggar was touted as world's best mom as she gave birth to more and more kids.  Josh was the oldest and probably had a mixture of too much responsibility too soon and too much adulation for being the oldest and male.  As the family grew, Josh was likely expected to do more... at the same time, he didn't get the guidance he clearly needed.  But even if he hadn't been part of a huge family, I have to wonder if Boob and Michelle would have taught him more than "Sex and heavy petting before marriage is bad." and "Looking at pretty women in low cut dresses and pornography is bad."

I'm not at all surprised that Josh was a fan of porn.  It seems to be a common problem among very religious people.  It's a common known statistical fact that the state of Utah, bastion of Mormonism and so-called morality, is also the porn capital of America.  Though Josh is not LDS and isn't from Utah, he is religious and comes from a conservative background that decries normal sexuality as "dirty".  According to this academic paper on porn, Mississippi is also up there in online porn subscriptions... as is Arkansas.

In any case, Josh is a Christian, so I suppose God will forgive him for his sins.  I doubt the public will forgive him anytime soon, though what is more important is whether or not his wife will forgive him.  Someone on my Facebook page basically shamed me for caring about this, since it's between Josh and his wife.  I tend to disagree.  When you put yourself out there for the masses, the masses will talk about you.  And when you act like a hypocritical asshole, people will tend to have opinions to share.  Don't like it?  Don't participate in the discussion.  You have that right.


  1. I would agree it's between Josh and his wife IF Josh hadn't preached from the mountain tops about the sanctity of marriage, the value of family, the evils of homosexuals, etc. He put huge groups of people down as morally corrupt while he was having his secret trysts with other people. When you do that, you open yourself to FOAD commentary in my view.

    1. I totally agree. He is a massive hypocrite who needs to be called out.


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