Wednesday, August 26, 2015

It keeps getting worse and worse for ol' Josh...

Well, it's been quite an interesting evening.  First, I heard about the two WDBJ employees, Alison Parker and Adam Ward, who were murdered live on television early this morning.  Since I'm originally from Virginia and many of my family members live not far from the Roanoke area, I know WDBJ.  I was pretty shocked to hear about the killings and the suspect, apparently a pissed off former co-worker named Vester Flanagan (Bryce Williams on the air) who tried and failed to kill himself as he fled the scene.

The guy may very well die anyway...  In a way, I kind of hope he doesn't.  He deserves a little Virginia style justice.  He's a coward.  I am still not a fan of the death penalty, though.  ETA:  Looks like he croaked.

It's really very sad.  Alison Parker was dating Chris Hurst, another anchor at the station, and was planning to marry him.  Adam Ward also had a girlfriend who worked with him.  Today was to be his girlfriend's last day on the job, as she had just been hired at a station in Charlotte, North Carolina.  I will probably post about this again as the story develops more.

Moving on, it seems Josh Duggar has checked himself into a long term treatment center.  I wonder if this time, it's a *real* treatment center and not just a place to do manual labor.  I truly hope he gets real help this time.  He has children who need him and a wife who seems bound and determined to stay married to him.  If Josh and Anna intend to stay married and raise their kids, Josh clearly needs to amend his behavior.

Frankly, I have my doubts that treatment will do much for him, but who knows?  Maybe he really wants to get better.  Maybe it'll be worth it to him to stop being such a pervert.  If he doesn't change, he's liable to end up in some very serious legal trouble.

Right after I read about Josh going into treatment, I read another story about a woman who supposedly had very rough sex with him.  Porn star "Danica Dillon" (aka Ashley Lewis) claims she met Josh at Gold Club in Philadelphia, where she was performing.  Josh allegedly purchased $600 worth of private lap dances and offered Dillon $1500 to have sex with him.

Although the sex was consensual, Dillon claims Josh Duggar was "very rough" with her and manhandled her.  She says she believes more women will come out in the future.  Is Dillon being truthful?  Probably.  I don't know for certain.  She could be someone looking for 15 minutes of fame.  My guess is that Josh's decision to get treatment may have something to do with the women he had sex with coming out of the woodwork.  While there is no real proof yet, my guess is that there was more than one clandestine tryst with a woman not Duggar's wife.  He has now joined Bill Cosby's club.

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