Friday, August 14, 2015

Farting dogs, runaway dogs, profane beer, returned tax returns, JWs and booze...

Today's blog post title pretty much sums up how yesterday went.  The day kicked off with Arran's butt, just inches from my face as he let loose with a high powered doggy fart.  I actually felt the breeze as it wafted past my nose.  I couldn't get back to sleep after that, so I got up and had some coffee.

Knowing that I needed to be around for a couple of deliveries, I decided to walk the dogs at an earlier time than usual.  And that was fine, except that they tend to get on a scent when it's earlier in the day and that makes them bay and go crazy.  My neighborhood is ridiculously quiet most of the time, so the baying and barking doesn't really blend in with the local ambiance.  Zane and Arran did indeed start baying and acting crazy.  When they do that, Arran gets annoyed with Zane and tries to start a fight.  The last part of the walk was a bit hairy as I tried to keep them from fighting and annoying everyone in the neighborhood.

We got home.  The heat started to rise.  I retired to my office so I could do some writing.  The doorbell rang.  Normally, when the door rings, I put the dogs in what was once the downstairs apartment.  It keeps them from escaping.  Yesterday, I took a chance and didn't do that when our order of booze from Master of Malt showed up.  Consequently, Zane took the opportunity to run out the door.  I had to sign for the booze, put on a pair of shoes, grab the leash, unlock the door, and chase him.

Fortunately, Zane isn't interested in running away.  He just likes to play games.  His favorite game in the world is "catch me if you can".  I might be alright with playing that game, except Zane doesn't know that he's in danger of being hit by a car.  Also, most Germans aren't real big on having their property invaded.  I had to chase Zane through a neighbor's yard, then around the corner.  A woman was in her yard watering plants when Zane saw her and barked.  She looked up and saw me in hot pursuit.  I got the sense that she was willing to help me catch him after she put away what she was doing.  Fortunately, Zane ran into a neighbor's driveway that was bordered by tall hedges.  I had him cornered.  He probably could have run past me if he'd wanted to, but clearly decided the jig was up.  He lowered his head and came to me willingly.  This time, it only took ten minutes to catch him.  I waved and smiled at the lady in her yard as I took him back home.

A few hours later, the doorbell rang again.  This time, it was the postal lady who was bringing me my order of Fucking Hell beer.  I had also ordered a sweat jacket to go with it, but I guess it was backordered because it wasn't in the box.  Anyway, this time, I put the dogs away so they couldn't take me on a chase.  I brought the beer in and put some in the fridge.  I later tried it.  It's a light lager, somewhat low on alcohol.  Reminds me of Heineken.

I took a shower, then watched some TV.  I put on my nightie because I wasn't planning on going anywhere or seeing anyone.  I threw out the bra I wore yesterday because it was wearing out.  Then the doorbell rang again.  I wasn't expecting anything or anyone else.  I quickly got dressed sans bra and opened the door to two women holding religious tracts.  They were well dressed and one of them had on too much makeup.  One asked me if I spoke English. I said I did and they said they were reaching out to their English speaking neighbors.  I said, "I'm sorry.  I'm not interested." in a very flat tone of voice that no doubt revealed my annoyance.  I don't like being rude to people, but it's rude to go door to door peddling religion.

Even though the very pleasant mail lady had personally handed us our mail yesterday, I decided to check the mailbox, where I found a large envelope from the Internal Revenue Service.  It seems that when Bill filed our 2014 tax returns, he forgot to get both of our signatures.  So they returned the return to us.  It was a little creepy, actually, because it had obviously been sent by a different courier than the mail.  No one rang the bell for me to come down and take the envelope.

We had a nice light vegetarian dinner of hummus, pita, and vegetables washed down with boring Greek white wine.  In APO mail, I got a couple of concert DVDs and an old movie from 1980 starring Ellen Burstyn.  I may have to watch it today and write a review.  

In eight days, Bill will go to Uganda for a week.  I will sit at home and pine for him and fret about stuff.  That's what I do.

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