Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Dropping the f bomb in front of your mother...

Yes, I've done it.  In fact, when my mom visited us last month, I did it several times.  I pretty much said it without thinking, probably because I don't hang out with a lot of people in person anymore.  I've always had a dirty mouth, but now that I'm in my 40s, I care less about offending people.  I figure those who can handle my sense of humor and potty mouth will stick around.  Those who can't will go elsewhere.

When my mom visited, I reminded her that my dad hated it when we cussed in front of him.  Mom said he didn't like it when she did it, either.  I rarely heard my dad swear, though he did on occasion, usually when he was upset about something.  My mom was freer with her language and more forgiving when I would slip up and say a naughty word in front of her.  My dad would often respond angrily or even physically if I cussed in front of him.  You'd think a military veteran would be more tolerant of swearing.

When we were dating, poor Bill once made my dad blush seven shades of red because I used the euphemism "Charlie Foxtrot" in front of my father.  My dad, despite having spent almost 22 years in the Air Force, was unfamiliar with the term.  So Bill helpfully leaned over and whispered, "It means cluster fuck, Sir."  From the blasphemed look on my dad's face, you would have thought Bill had cussed a blue streak in front of my Granny, who was the much esteemed family matriarch.  For a second there, Bill thought my dad was going to kick him out of the house.  But Dad recovered and eventually grew very fond of his one Army veteran son-in-law.

Anyway, while mom visited, I caught myself saying different variations of the word "fuck" in front of her more than once.  She didn't say anything about it.  In fact, she didn't seem to care much about it at all.  It was like she'd just decided to accept that I cuss a lot.

Yesterday, my mom sent me a card thanking Bill and me for hosting her and telling us about her trip home.  In the card, she wrote:

Betsy (my sister) brought me home on Sunday and the traffic was terrible.  I had to keep fussing at her because she was using bad language!! 

Now... Betsy is 13 years older than I am and an overachiever if I ever met one.  She doesn't cuss like I do.  We often joke about her being our parents' favorite child (and she probably is).  Being in traffic is certainly a good reason to let 'er rip with a good blue word or two.  But Mom apparently chastised her for that...

Actually, I think Mom was probably kidding.  She really doesn't seem to care too much when we cuss.  I guess she figures she's done her job raising us.

In other news, Mom writes that she just had a mammogram and it came back clear.  So she's been a breast cancer survivor for one year.  I think she really enjoyed her trip, too, which was nice to see.  I know she misses my dad, though not the way he was in the last few years of his life.  It's good to see her enjoying her life and doing some great and fun things while she still has the chance.  I hope she spends all her money.

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