Thursday, August 6, 2015

Doctor from my hometown murdered in California...

I never knew Amanda Crews, MD.  I first learned a little bit about her the other day, when I happened to read about her murder in the Daily Press.  The Daily Press is the newspaper that covers the area where I grew up.  According to the article I linked, 38 year old Amanda Crews, MD was a well-respected and much loved family doctor in the Modesto, California area.  She was also a mother of three and a twin sister to Kimberley Crews.

Last fall, Amanda Crews lost her two year old son, Christopher Ripley.  I'm not too sure about what happened, only that he'd sustained head injuries.  30 year old Martin "Marty" Martinez was charged with killing the boy.  He is the same man charged with murdering Crews, her six year old and six month old daughters, his mother, and his five year old niece.  Martinez was the father of Crews' six month old baby.

Amanda Crews' story is interesting to me because she graduated only four years after I did from Gloucester High School.  I never knew her, but I do have some younger friends who might have.  I asked around on Facebook.  Everything I've heard about this woman is positive.  She got glowing reviews as a doctor and she was clearly very smart.  She graduated from Boston University and Boston University Medical School.  More tellingly, many people have commented that she was a very good person.

I can't help but wonder how in the world she got mixed up with someone like Marty Martinez.  The man sounds like a total monster.

I also wonder if there's something in the water in Modesto, California.  That's the same town where Scott Peterson killed his ex wife, Laci Peterson.  Back in 2003, there were daily stories on the Internet about Peterson's case from the Modesto Bee, the local newspaper.  
According to the Modesto Bee article I linked to, Crews had a somewhat unstable history with her romantic relationships.  In divorce proceedings with her ex husband, Timothy Ripley, Crews evidently alleged that Ripley abused drugs.  I'm not sure exactly what happened in her relationship with Martinez, but it sounds like he, too, had some very major problems.  Right now, it appears that Martinez is responsible for killing six people.  

It looks like Amanda Crews still has family in Gloucester.  Her father, Howard Crews, is quoted in the Daily Press.  He explains that Amanda had moved to Gloucester from Newport News after he and his ex wife split.  Amanda's mother is now apparently living in Nevada.  Interesting that the word "apparently" was used.  Obviously, no one local knows for sure.  It sounds like there may be no love lost between Crews' parents.  On the other hand, God knows Bill doesn't keep up with his ex anymore-- but that's because there is no love lost between them.

I will be waiting for more details about this case.  I feel terrible for the families of the victims.  As of now, the preliminary hearing for Martin Martinez has been delayed.




  1. It's not that far from my original neck of the woords, and there is a string od weird crime or people related to the weird crim tfrom the area. The whole Chandra Levy/ gary Condit thing may have started it off, it ended up that condit had nothing to do with /levy's disappearance and death, but the fact that he was less than forth-coming with information in order to protect his image didn't exactly expedite the investigation. As I recall, she was from modesto and Condit was from ceres, an abutting community.

    Then, just up the road 35 miles or so in Merced, there was a weird case where a mad broke into the home of five sleeping children, the oldest of whom was a teent, with a pitchfork. (the dad was farming and the mom had taken a vehicle in to have the bakes inspected. tthe oldest child was a teen, and she felt safe leaving them. the three oldest children escaped trhough windows, one with injuries, but the two littlest were killed by the maniac with the pitchfork.

    Then, loosely related to Modesto was the Cary stayner killing of carole carrington-Sind,her daughter Julie, their Argentine foreign excahnge student, and a couple of months later, a young female park ranger, while authorities said they had the guilty party locked up behind bars. the last murder at least 9I'm not sure about the first three0 happened in stanslaus Cuo ty. stayner dropped Sund's wallet off at a random location on a street in Modesto in order to throw authorities off.

    Then in 2002 or somewhere around there, a man - John Hogan, i yhink, killed his exwife's three teens and his own 4-year-old daughter with the ex-wife.

    Shortly thereafter, the Scott and Laci peterson thing happened, garnering such media attention in part because Laci was so telegenic, photogenic, and gorgeous any way one viewed the situation. they seemed such an unlikely couple for a murder.

    All sorts of police shootings, gang shootings, and other sorts of things happen in the area as well, as it's quite gang-infested.

    my mom's sister is trying to investigate whether Crews' song who was initially killed or the daughter who was his full sibling have any connectin with a ripley family she knows from the area.

    the Modesto pD is trying to say they didn't drop the ball on this one, but they had (by word of mouth0 evidence that the little boy who died last year was murdered. Had they arrested Martinez earlier, even if they had to start with a lesser charge, crews and the others would be alive now. I'm not buying their claim that they did not drag their feet.

    It's so sad.

  2. I had a feeling you'd have a comment. Weird how you and I share a loose tie to this case.

  3. My aunt still sin't sure about her ripley conncections, but her Ripleys aren't indicating on Facebook that anything is amiss, although her rupley would be a step-relatice or aunt by marriage at the closest to these people. None of the obituaries listed any riply grandparents yet, althout maybe a more complete one will come out for little elizabeth.

    whete Mr. riploey was concerned, he was onto something all along in saying that Marty killed little christopher, but he should have been taking his info to the authorities, not to the 5-year-old. then again, maybe he tried and no one would listen. cerstainly dr. crews didn't want to hear anything about it, and it certainly came back to bite her. Poor thing. It sounds as though she was a really compassionate and competent physician.

    1. Yes... But one wonders what attracted her to these men who turned out to be so troubled.


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