Sunday, August 2, 2015

Cowardly car notes...

Yesterday, I ran across a news item from Queensbury, New York about a vet who went to the store and came back to find an anonymous nasty note on his windshield.

Photo courtesy of WTEN.  

I posted this on Facebook and got lots of comments.  Everyone agreed that the note was hateful and wrong, but at least a couple of people made anti-military comments.  I have a bunch of military folks on my friends list, so those comments weren't left unacknowledged.  An interesting discussion ensued, with one anti-military commenter going at it with at least a couple of military folks, including Bill.

I always get a kick out of a good discussion.  I'm proud to have friends who are so diverse.  I do happen to think that a lot of people don't know what the military actually does.  The person who was commenting on our "war mongering" didn't seem to understand that the military engages in peacekeeping, too.  In fact, part of Bill's job is to promote peace in Africa by helping to train militaries there.  He had similar jobs training militaries in Central and South America and Europe.  But most folks know nothing about that.  They think the military is only about killing people.

Ah well.  Ignorance abounds.  So does cowardice.


  1. ( just don;t get it. I understand that if you are around any segment of the population, there will be some within that population that you don;t like a lot. For my home area, among much of the educated population, those of whom they are not se fond are often from the population of prison correctyional officers. They have ugly jobs, but they;re compensated extremely well, particularly considering the level of education for the job. yet where would we be without them? I want someone with at least a bit of integrity standing between me and the worst f the bad in our population. Beyond that, some of them are really great peopple.

    When it comes to those who serve in the military, however, they're in a whole league of their own. Whatever the reasons the respective soldiers, sea men or women, corps men or women, airmen or women, or whatever one calls them as individuals, their lives are on the line for the rest of us when they are called to put their lives there. They don't choose our nation's military actions. They go where they are sent. I can't come close to understanding where a person would be coming from who lives on American soil who could compose such a note.

    1. Probably some dumb kid. Or maybe someone like Michael Crook, who hates the military because he washed out of basic training.


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