Thursday, August 13, 2015

Billy Joel is a dad again...

Yesterday, his wife Alexis delivered their daughter, Della Rose Joel.  Della is now little sister to Alexa Ray Joel, Billy's daughter with Christie Brinkley.  Given that Billy was much younger when Alexa was born and is now well into his sixties, I can't help but observe that Alexis may soon be changing both her daughter's and her husband's diapers.  Just kidding.  I wish Billy and Alexis much happiness with their newborn baby.  I give Billy credit for not being one of those celebrities that goes around siring babies with everyone he's ever fucked.

I'm glad it's Thursday.  Thursday means that the weekend is coming.  I enjoy weekends more here than I ever did in the States.  Being with Bill gives me the chance to stop thinking about everything so damn much.  I am always thinking and worrying about stuff... mostly things I have no control over.  I also worry about things I do have control over.  Anxiety is my constant companion.  A lot of the things I worry about never happen, but sometimes my intuition is dead on.

At least this week, I'm not stressing over Arran's latest lump.  We determined that it is a lipoma.  I do still run my hands over him all the time, hoping not to find anything new.  I look at Zane and worry that something's wrong with him.  I worry about my own health, too.  It's a waste of time, but I do it anyway.

Yesterday, I found a new song to sing.  It's not a new song to the world, but it is a new song to me.  I learned it yesterday and think I did alright with it...  May need to practice it some more.  But here it is, for the curious.

I'm really getting into Emmylou Harris lately.

Later today, I'm due to get a shipment of beer from a brewery in Germany.  I ordered it because of the name.  Fucking Hell...  Yes, it sounds profane and that's precisely why I ordered it.  The beer was actually named after the town of Fucking in Austria.  And a hell is a type of beer.  Gotta hand it to the marketers who came up with this.  The beer may be totally average, but it has a hell of a name.

Maybe later I'll vent about something of substance.  For now, I think it's time to walk the dogs for their health and mine.

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