Friday, July 24, 2015

Yep, July still sucks...

I just posted on my travel blog about my dog Arran and the growth that was removed two weeks ago.  Unfortunately, my intuition about the growth was accurate.  It was a mast cell tumor.  Hopefully, the whole thing was removed.  The vet said the margins were clean and there was no sign that the cancer had spread.  I will have to watch Arran closely and bring him in if I see anything new pop up.

I can't say I was surprised that we got this news, since July is historically a shitty month.  On the other hand, this July hasn't been as bad as last July was.  Every day, Timehop and Facebook's "On this day" app remind me of how terrible Julys in the past have been for me.  So far, the only bad thing this year has been Arran's veterinary drama.  And that wasn't that bad, all things considered.  I'd rather hear that Arran has a mast cell tumor than prostate cancer, for instance.  Something can be done for mast cell tumors.  A prostate cancer diagnosis in a dog, however, pretty much means the dog is a goner.

I did get a new game in the mail yesterday.  I ordered it on a whim.

I need to make more local friends so we can play this game...  

Urban Dictionary is one of my favorite Web sites because it's a very irreverent source of funny definitions for slang terms and phrases.  It's also surprisingly accurate.  Behold, the definition of "getting lazy".  That's actually fairly tame for Urban Dictionary.  Would you believe there's a definition for "Body by Mattel"?

Anyway, you need three people to play this game properly.  Bill and I are not party people and we rarely entertain, so I don't know when we'll get the chance to try this game.  It still looked like too much fun not to order it.

In other news, I'm reading about the Duggars and their threat to sue the City of Springdale, Arkansas over the release of documents about Josh Duggar's sexual escapades.  Frankly, I don't see how the Duggars would have a prayer of winning.  Yes, what happened is embarrassing and it ultimately ruined their livelihood.  But the reports were made after Josh was 18 and, from what I understand, they were released legally.  Josh was never brought up on charges for his crimes because the statute of limitations had already expired by the time the police were made aware of them.  Moreover, most of the victims were his relatives.

I read about this one day after reading accusations that JimBoob Duggar nixed the idea of having a show starring just Jessa and Jill.  If that's what really happened, I am not at all surprised about it.  Of course Boob doesn't want his daughters starring in a show that doesn't involve him.  Of course he doesn't want them earning their own money and directing their own show biz careers.  I just think it's tragic that they didn't tell him to go take a flying leap, given that he did little to protect them from their brother's perverse behavior.

I see the Duggars are struggling to remain relevant, too.  They are still putting out videos and keeping their fans up to date about their family.  It could turn out they weather this storm and end up like the Osmonds or the Jacksons.  But somehow, I kind of doubt it.  They don't have any compelling talents, other than spewing out babies.  And it looks like that well has also dried up.  What a pity.  The more I see of Boob and his wife, Michelle, the more I respect their friends the Bates, who are not nearly as fame whoring and seem much more humble and real.  

I also read about a family who took in four girls whose mother died.  The mother's best friend, already mom to two girls, had promised to raise her friend's children.  There was no mention of a father in the article I read.  Naturally, people wondered where dad was and many folks assumed the girls' father is an asshole.

I know why people make such comments.  A lot of times, fathers do turn out to be jerks who abandon their families.  On the other hand, a lot of times, fathers get pushed out of their kids' lives through no choice of their own.  I've seen that happen firsthand.  So I had to respond.  I noticed that several people liked what I had to say.  Why?  Because they've seen it firsthand, too.  Not all women are saints.  Not all men are sinners.  The world is full of many different types of people.  I don't know what happened in this particular case, but I do wish the Ruffino family well.  It does sound like they very generously stepped up to help those girls in their time of need.  I am sure it was a comfort to their mother to know that they would be cared for as she vacated this life.

Well... that's about it for now.  I think I'll waste some time doing something completely worthless.



  1. It seems as though josh's police trport should have been releasedat the time, with a heavy redaction of detils to hide the fact that it was is own sisters and to therefore protect the voctims' identities. they're lucky such was not the case, as they probably never would have been offered a reality show and the welath and perks that came with it in the first place.

    When John and Kate were big, tLC did a few short-term mini-series on other families of multiple mutiples. One particular family featured was a very middle-class family with , i think, two sets of twins and a set of sextuplets. one of the sextuplets suffered effect of being a higher-order multiple and preemie, which is fairly typical of such situations. the family was sweet and humble. the fdad was a cop who wworked mostly at community service in the schools. the entire family was incredibly sweet and kinds to the disabled little girl. they showed just enough for us to know it wasn't an act.

    These people were offered their own program and wisely turned it down. they presumably saw the handwriting on the wall and decided that an intact family was preferable to wealth. i believe they put away the sum of money they did earn from the few specials they did and considered themselves ofrtunate for having earned that money.

    They weren't as pretty as John and Kate, though their little Irish catholic children were adorable. They presumably had too much integrity to allow tLC to call them and tell them the theme of the week and to pretend such. i havem't hear anything of them lately. i hope they'rte fine.

    Regarding the bate family, I think their a bit nutty as well, and i despise the way erin bates plays the piano. every one of her hymn improvizations sounds exactly the same, she just fills in the ends of phrases with scalle patterns. if you named a hymn and told me erin bates was going to pkay it, II could already guess exactly how her rendition would sound. still, they're leaps and bounds mre real than the duggars, and I'd much prefer them as neighbors.

    Yhe duggars sing a capella mostly though severalplay musical instruments. There isn't a really nice voice in the entire family from what I've heard, and they're so damned pitchy that I cringee when hearing them sing. they'd still be mediocre at best, but they really need accompaniment to help them stay on pitch when singing in parts. 9Usualy just two or three parts, but still.) They wouldn't sound great, as their voices aren't that nice, but they wouldn't be quite so off-key..)

    Really a capella part singing is a gift, and not many families have it. really all it takes is one singer with really strong relative pitch, and of the others can follow his or her lead, it will work out. It's mosre easily said than done, though. i'm not a fan, but the Osmonds' a capella version of their Christmas medley is spectacular.. they have the sibling belnd, and someone among the group keeps them all from wavering in pitch.

    Here's a slightly shortened version. In the end, they go into a more modern and accompanied medly, but it's not so nice..

    1. I find the Duggars' singing painful to listen to. Erin's playing is also unbearable to me, though she can play piano better than I can. I think the Bates family is nuts, religiously speaking, but I don't find them nearly as irritating as the Duggars are. But then, they also aren't constantly on my newsfeed.

      I think I remember that Catholic family you mentioned. I saw one of their shows. They were a nice family.

      I pray for Arran's health, too. Fuck cancer.

  2. P.S. Praying for Arran's health.

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    1. He is a tad odd. I'm glad I'm not the only one who notices.


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