Saturday, July 25, 2015

We're going to Scotland again...

I should probably post this on my travel blog and I probably will later, but it's news here too, I guess.  My mom had such a great time on her Hebridean Royal Crown river cruises that I have a renewed lust for cruising myself.  I haven't been on a ship since May 2013, when Bill and I saw Italy and Greece SeaDream Yacht Club style.  The series of moves and career changes he's been enduring put our cruising on a temporary hiatus.

The other day, I got the most recent cruise directory from Hebridean.  It's quite a beautiful book.  And in the back of the book, there was a piece of paper with several early booking offers we could take advantage of.  If we booked by July 31st, we'd get 10% off.  If we booked one of four specific cruises, we'd get another 5%.  If we booked two cruises by July 31st, we'd get another 5% off the lower priced cruise.  I know this doesn't seem like a huge price break, but when you're paying four figures, it can make a difference.

We spotted a cruise we liked-- March 15th's Spirit of Scotland tour-- and decided to go for it.  It's a whisky based cruise, though other activities will be available to those who prefer them.  Bill and I have seen a few of the places already, but they were places we'd want to see again, like Sanda Island and the Arran and Springbank distilleries.  The price was right, too.

In other news, yesterday, Arran ate some poop while we were walking in the field behind our house.  He managed to grab some coming and going.  A few hours later, he threw up.  It was very nasty and stinky, of course.  He ate his dinner, then about seven hours later, he threw up again.  We were just about to go to bed when it happened.  I had taken out my contacts and couldn't see very well and he made a huge mess.  Fortunately, the vomit wasn't bloody or anything... and it also smelled better than the first round.

Of course, vomiting is part of mast cell cancer, so now I'm paranoid that the tumor has invaded his vital organs and I'm about to be dealing with another very sick dog.  I was pretty depressed at 2:30 this morning, when I woke up and started thinking about Arran and how much we love him, despite his idiosyncrasies.  I don't think I can bear to lose another dog so soon after MacGregor (it's been 2.5 years).

I do have a tendency to borrow trouble, though, and there is a chance that the vomiting was entirely coincidental.  And, the truth is, we will lose our dogs and each other because that is a part of life.  I just don't want it to be now.

I ordered a couple of dog cancer books.  Maybe there are things we can do to make things better for our pooches.  


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    1. Yes. And Bill's boss encouraged him to book because Bill has been doing such great work. He said the vacation would be well deserved. I agree.

  2. Poor Arran. i'll pray and light candles.

    You're probably nice and cool up there.

    1. He's better now. I think it may have just been the poop.


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