Wednesday, July 15, 2015

They just won't go away...

The Duggars, that is.  Even though eldest son Josh was outed as a sex offender back in May and TLC has suspended their show, 19 Kids and Counting, the Duggars are still a daily fixture on the Internet.  We get updates about Anna Duggar's never-ending pregnancy, whatever inane things Jessa Seewald says,  Ben Seewald's dating advice, Jill's and Derick's mystery mission abroad, Amy Duggar's (Jordan's) engagement, and Amy's father Terry's herpes.  For a family that says they don't care if they're on TV, they sure are in the public eye a lot.

I'm not that surprised about the pregnancy updates.  After all, people do love babies and the Duggars are constantly producing them.  But the herpes scandal?  What the everloving fuck?!  I mean, Terry Jordan is kind of affiliated with the Duggars and the herpes thing is a shocker, but Terry Jordan doesn't claim to lead the same lifestyle the Duggars lead.  Moreover, he's NOT a Duggar.

Apparently, back in December 1991, Terry Jordan did the nasty with some woman and allegedly infected her with the herpes virus.  Now, considering how long ago 1991 was, it seems a bit crazy that this shit is coming out again now.  But hell, does Terry Jordan even have any fame?  His connection to the Duggar family is pretty loose.  His own daughter uses her mother's maiden name, probably because it's famous.  I'm sure by now, that name is a liability.  I bet when Amy gets married, she takes her husband's name.

Anyway, I remember not long ago, a rather conservative friend who was a fan of the Duggars took me to task because I commented on Michelle Duggar's miscarriage.  This was well before any of these scandals came out and many people though the Duggar family was a shining beacon of Christian love and propriety.  Of course, it turned out that was a bunch of hooey.  In fact, I'd say their family is more fucked up than many.  But people are still fascinated with them to the point at which they won't go away.  Anything or anyone related to them is fair game for news coverage.

For the record, I think Terry Jordan's bout with herpes should be private.  It happened a very long time ago.  He got sued over it and the suit was dismissed because the woman refused to answer some medical questions demanded by Terry Jordan.  But then, even Terry's wife, Amy's mother Deanna, filed a restraining order against him back in 1992.  She claimed he'd threatened her and their daughter, Amy... but then she married him in 2006, when Amy was twenty years old.  I guess he got over his ass kicking proclivities.  Either that, or Boob figured it was best if his niece's parents were married, given their Christian ideals.  I have a feeling it was "all about the $$$."

Thanks to the big sex scandal, I doubt Anna Duggar's upcoming birth is going to be filmed for the masses.  I think that's a good thing.    


  1. had i known i could become famous and possibly turn the fame into career simply by getting herpes 9which i always pronounce "herps" in my mind because of my stupid middle school P.e> teacher) I would never have worked so hard in school to get into med school, where i'm practically killing myself.

    between the two families, i believe that the duggars are more fucked up than the gosselins buecause the Gosselins at least know they're fucked up.

    1. It just gets weirder and weirder...


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