Thursday, July 2, 2015

Paid commercial presentations...

Whatever happened to infomercials?  I probably shouldn't ask...  It's obvious why we don't see so many half hour commercials anymore.  Who wants to watch an infomercial when they could be watching some reality show on TLC?

Yesterday, I was watching old episodes of Family Ties when I suddenly remembered that Meredith Baxter was in an informercial back in the early 90s.  She was peddling makeup for a makeup artist named Victoria Jackson.  At the time, the comedienne Victoria Jackson was very popular, so I always had some trouble keeping them straight.

So 90s!!!

Meredith Baxter sports a short haircut and pitches makeup with Ali McGraw and Lisa Hartman Black.  I gotta say, Victoria Jackson looks like she's had a lot of work done.  

Cher also got in on the action...

Remember Susan Powter?  I do. Back in the early 90s, she used to wail "Stop the insanity!"  Susan Powter was once fat after her husband ran out of her and her kids, but lost the weight.  Susan Powter still has a web presence, but it looks like she's kind of faded into obscurity.  Looks like no one has updated her site in awhile.

Susan Powter's infomercial.  I have to admit, she's pretty funny.

Oh... here's a good one...  Richard Simmons is the king of informercials!  In the 80s, he pitched his diet plan, Deal-A-Meal.

I used to enjoy his talk show.

A few years later, he came out with Sweatin' To The Oldies.  

I heard this was a good program.

But perhaps the most notorious informercial probably came from singer Dionne Warwick, who used to pitch the Psychic Friends Network.  

Of course, this was bullshit... but it must have made a lot of money.

It actually depresses me a bit to see so many talented singers and actors getting involved in hawking crappy products on late night TV.  I'm glad infomercials have gone out of style.  

In other news, I just slammed my toe into the barrier I put up to keep the dogs out of the basement.  Now my toe hurts like a motherfucker.  I don't think I broke it because I can still move it, but it sure does hurt.


  1. I used to call the psychic hotlines that offered the first five minutes free. i timed my call and quit at 4:50 to be safe. they knew never to say anything of significance in the free five minutes.

    I LOVE richard simmons. My mom said he used to do cameos on Generaal Hospital in the early 80's.

    1. He was also a guest star on Fame.


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