Wednesday, July 29, 2015

My dogs are driving me crazy...

I worry about them so much.

Last night, I was running my hands over Arran and I found another lump.  It's very soft and long and seems to be in the subcutaneous fatty tissue under the skin.  It feels like a fatty tumor, but it could be another mast cell tumor.  I will watch it and if it changes before our next vet appointment, we'll go in and have it checked.

Right after I found the lump, Bill took the dogs out for a potty and play break.  Zane was pestering Arran, who was preoccupied with the grill because Bill cooked steaks last night.  They ended up in a fight.  I had to help Bill break it up and Zane got bitten a couple of times on the ears.

I was suddenly very depressed about my dogs.  I love them and I know I won't have them forever.  I just dread another round of sickness.  It hasn't been long enough since the last one.  I told Bill that maybe it's time I quit rescuing dogs.  He, of course, disagrees.  I probably do, too.  I'm just frustrated.

I decided to order some Orijen dog food.  It's supposedly the best on the market.  We'll try it and see how the dogs like it.  It may make no difference, but it may end up being just what they need.  We'll have to see.  It's expensive food, though... and supposedly low carb, which is better for cancer.  

I just took them for a walk a little while ago and they were doing fine until they saw a pug in the distance.  Then, they started barking and carrying on, resulting in dirty looks from Germans.  Sometimes, I wonder if having dogs is more trouble than it's worth.  On the other hand, I prefer their company to most humans', even if I do have to clean up their poop.

I hate July.  I hate it with a fiery passion.  Fuck it right in the face.


  1. Keeping fingers crossed it's just fatty deposit. Hope August brings a much better month for you and the pooches!

    1. Thanks Smorgy. I'm trying not to go too crazy.


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