Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Mom just left...

So my mom finished her visit this morning and is now on her way back to Virginia.  It was good to see her and there was a minimum of awkwardness, relatively speaking.  I only felt my blood pressure rise a couple of times.  Like I said before, as relatives go, my mom is somewhat low impact. This has been especially true since my dad passed away and she no longer has to worry about anyone but herself.

Mom and I had a very long talk yesterday and I told her most of the story about how Bill and I came to be together.  I left out a couple of the more embarrassing/salacious details, although truthfully, I doubt it would have mattered to her.  She hadn't heard the whole story and I wanted to tell her once and for all why I am so sensitive about people telling me to "get over it".  My mom has a tendency to say that to me a lot.  She needed to know that telling me to "get over it" is not helpful or even realistic.  Although Bill and I have had a great marriage so far, it hasn't been without a lot of needless trauma caused by his ex wife.

When I explained some of the story to her, I could tell that a lightbulb sort of went off in her head.  Suddenly, it became clearer to her about Bill's situation with his kids.  She saw and experienced firsthand his skills as a provider.  She even told him what a wonderful husband he is.

I don't know if it means she'll ever stop telling me to "get over it", but at least I feel better for having spoken my mind.  I love my mom, but sometimes she can be rather flippant about some things.

I haven't had the chance to do much thinking about stuff other than my mom's visit.  It was short and sweet.  Now it's time to focus on whatever's next.  I have a feeling it will involve finally seeing the dentist again.


  1. i'm glad you had the opportunity to speak frankly with your mom. i hope it ultimately helpsshe she ceases to be so flippant when situations come up. what's alreadt happened probably is history except that how does a father get over losing his children, but i have a feeling - just a feeling, which isn't worth all that much - that the situation is far from over.

    1. Yeah. It's likely this shit will come home to roost at some point.


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