Sunday, July 19, 2015

Mom is here...

She had a wonderful time on the cruise and we had a very pleasant evening last night.  It's good to have her here.  The dogs agree.  Zane was especially enchanted by her.  I think he knows she's my mom.

Mom also gave me some mail that came to her apartment, apparently for me...

I don't know when I joined the Army... or became a master sergeant.  Bill congratulated me, though.

In all seriousness, if it had been appropriate for me to join the military, I most likely would have been an officer.  I have nothing against enlisted people at all.  They are the backbone of the military.  But I don't think I would have enjoyed the types of jobs done by enlisted people, unless they involved music (and some of them do).  I have no idea how this piece of mail got to my mom.  Maybe there's another person out there with my name who ended up with my mom's address.  I have never lived at my mom's apartment, have never been in the military, and probably never would have been a master sergeant even if I had enlisted.

In other news, yesterday, I purged myself from several Facebook groups, including the big local one that provides me with a lot of material and the one where I liked to "vent".  I did it for several reasons.  The main one is that the big local Facebook group was really getting on my nerves.  Since we have lived in Stuttgart before without needing Facebook, it was more of a distraction than anything else.  My husband is out of the military now and a lot of the tight assedness demonstrated by some military folks was rather grating to me.  I wasn't getting anything but annoyance out of being in that group.    

I left the Vents group having realized that if I wasn't in the Friends group, I would have much less to vent about.  Also, there were a couple of people within that group who seemed to be very annoyed by my presence and were making comments that were bringing me down.  So I decided to spare them from having to read my drivel (which obviously really bothered them) and myself from having to read their shitty comments.  Life is too short.  

At least one of the people who was making critical comments to me was using belittling language that I recognize from people I've been around in the past.  I have become good at spotting those types of people and have learned that it's best for me to avoid them.  They prey on nice people, are hypersensitive, passive aggressive, tend to be very jealous, and get offended when their friends inevitably make friends with other people.  I can't hang with that type of person anymore, mainly because I struggle with my own tendency to be negative and unhappy.  

It's my guess that if I were to call them on their behavior, they'd say I need to "lighten up" and "learn how to take a joke".  I can take a joke, but I don't tolerate being belittled by people anymore.  As I mentioned yesterday, I'm pretty "saturated" when it comes to abusive behavior.  I deserve better than that.      

I left Moving to Stuttgart because I moved here a year ago and have done my part to be helpful.  I rarely used that group.  I also left a yard sales group for the same reason.

I may be bored in the coming weeks, but something tells me that I'll eventually find somewhere else to hang out.  And I'm always scouring the news to look for things to bitch about.          


  1. i'm glad yuor mom arrived safeely and that you had a pleasant evening.

    Congratulations on your promotion from dependapotmous to master sergeant. i know the Lt. col 9ret.) still outranks you, but that's still a rather impressive jump.

    Bitching abiut things is a favorite hobby of mine as well.

    1. Yeah, I was surprised by the promotion. ;)


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