Wednesday, July 1, 2015

July usually sucks...

Historically, the seventh month of the year sucks for me.  I'm hoping 2015 will be different.  But, in case I needed a reminder of how unlucky July tends to be, here's a list of bad things that have happened in July.

* My former best friend was born.  She turned out to be a shithead.

* Bill's former daughter was born.  Ditto.

* My father died.  My dad was also a shithead sometimes, but he was still my dad.

* Two of my dogs got terminal diagnoses.  One dog had a nasty mycobacterial infection that was impossible to get rid of.  The other dog had prostate cancer.

* We endured non-stop tenant showings and property management harassment in Texas.  If you read this blog during July last year, you know how that went...

* Some dick tried to break into our house in July last year.

Yes, that is blood...

* Ex sent Bill hateful letters from his daughters demanding to be put up for adoption that arrived just in time for his birthday.  That was a fun day for all.

* I endured the worst move of my life when we left North Carolina.  Actually, our move from Texas, also in July, was pretty damn close to being just as shitty.

* It's hotter than hell in July, even in Germany.

I suppose I could look at this another way, though.  In July, my sweet husband was born, as were several good friends.  And the weather, while hotter than usual, is not so bad in Germany.  We don't have air conditioning, but the heat will only last a few weeks.  Then it will be cold again.  Last week, I was wearing wool socks.

And... I do get to live in Germany and last July was when we got the official word that the Germany job was a go.  Of course, we got that news the day before my dad died.

Ah well... maybe this year's July won't be so bad.  At least I don't have to deal with tenant showings this year.

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