Thursday, July 9, 2015

Couple spends $100,000 to make sure they have a daughter....

I really ought to quit reading Yahoo! articles.  Every time I read them, I come away thinking there's no mystery left in our society.

I first noticed today's disappointing article yesterday.  There it was on my homepage, inviting me to read it.  I managed to resist until early this morning, when I was trying to take my mind off how much I hate July (for so many reasons).  Unfortunately, I gave in and read about Rose and Vincent Costa, parents of two fine sons who had no fertility issues.  And yet, despite not having any problems getting pregnant, this couple spent $100,000 on seven rounds of IVF so they could be assured of having a daughter.

Rose Costa is 36 years old and four months pregnant with a daughter she and her husband have already named Olivia.  She explains that she loves her sons, 15 year old Gabriel and 13 year old Igor, but claims "You feel incomplete as a mother until you have a girl."

Far be it for me to question another person's family planning and/or financial choices.  Obviously, having a daughter is very important to Mrs. Costa.  She explains that she wants a girl to do "girly" things with.  I guess I can understand that... except there's no guarantee that Olivia will want to do girly things.  Indeed, there's no guarantee that Olivia will even identify as a girl.  I hope Rose and Vincent Costa are prepared for the possibility that the baby they paid so much for may not live up to their expectations.

I guess it also strikes me as kind of wasteful to spend so much cash on IVF when you don't have fertility issues and you have two sons who have already been born and may eventually need that money.  It also just seems... well... kind of distasteful.  Don't people have any appreciation for mystery anymore?  And doesn't this practice also kind of feed into the entitlement mentality so many people have?

The Costas aren't alone in their decision to defy Mother Nature and choose the gender of their unborn child.  Dr. Jeffrey Steinberg of Fertility Institutes has offices in Los Angeles and Manhattan.  He says he's seen demand for his services rise 250%.  Dr. Steinberg is no doubt very wealthy, especially since he says "we take all comers."  If you've got the money, he'll hook you up with a baby that suits you best. Or, at least he'll hook you up with a baby that has the body parts you hope they'll have.

Raising children today seems like such a complicated endeavor.  I think it's kind of sad that people feel like they have to have a son or a daughter before the child is even born.  It just strikes me as selfish, vain, and narcissistic.  You can't custom order your children.

The Costas are obviously financially better off than a lot of people, though they did have to cut back on extras.  Instead of three vacations a year, they took one.  And they held off on building the pool and patio they had been wanting.

I'm happy for the Costas that they are even able to entertain the idea of spending $100,000 on fertility treatments.  I hope their fortunes don't change and their daughter is everything they ever hope for...  but at the same time, I'm glad I don't share Mrs. Costa's "problem" in needing a daughter to complete her somehow.  Life is hard enough as it is without being born with a heap of expectations upon you.  For Olivia's sake, I hope she likes to do girly things.  Otherwise, Mrs. Costa may feel like she was robbed... and that may be a tragic thing for her daughter.


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