Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Bill had a birthday brainfart...

I was supposed to take Arran to the vet this morning, but Bill accidentally fed him before he went to work.  Since Arran was supposed to have minor surgery today, he wasn't supposed to be fed.  So now we are going to have to reschedule.  I guess it's just as well, since today is Bill's birthday.  I don't think we would have gotten any news bad or otherwise today, but it's probably just as well that I don't have to think about Arran on a birthday.  Bill tells me he rescheduled for Friday.  Maybe that would be better, since we will both be able to take care of Arran over the weekend.

I'm a little down today.  There are a few reasons for my mood.  One reason I'm down is because the weather is so hot.  It's not hot outside right now, but it will be in a matter of hours.  We bought an air conditioner, but I'm still sweating and uncomfortable.  I know it was much worse last year in Texas... I need to cheer up.  But it's hard sometimes...

Another reason I'm down is because I'm a little worried about my health.  I should see a doctor, but I am really scared to go for so many reasons.  I know it's the only way to get answers and the only way to feel better.  I still don't want to do it and probably won't until it becomes a situation where I have to.  No amount of nagging or chastising works...  all it does is embarrass me and make me feel like a fool.

Which brings me to the next reason I feel blue...  I'm getting old.  Last night, I was watching reruns of Family Ties.  When that show was on, I related to the character of Jennifer for many reasons.  I looked like her.  I was close to her age.  We shared a snarky sense of humor.  Now it's been over 25 years since that show was on the air.  It seems like yesterday.  Time passes so quickly and I feel like I haven't done anything worthwhile with my life.

I've been thinking a lot about my dad, too.  On Thursday, it will have been a year since we lost him.  A year ago today, Bill and I were flying back to Texas after a very quick trip to Virginia to say goodbye to my dad.  It doesn't seem like so long ago that he was healthy and vital, even if he did often act like a jerk.

Ah well...  I suppose I should get over myself.  Pretty soon, I'll be complaining about snow again.  At least this year, Bill is employed and it doesn't look like we're going anywhere anytime soon.  It's been years since I could last say that.  And, if I do ever get to a doctor, I'm in a place where medical care is supposedly top notch.  Maybe I'll still hate it, but I have more faith in German medicine than American medicine.  Or maybe they won't be able to help me and I can be beamed up via Belgium or Switzerland.

I think I'm just feeling a little isolated and lonely... and old.


  1. Bill probably needs to get all Pat voone about it and insist you see a doctor.

    no matter how tenuous your relationship with a parent might have been, rgere are presumably times you niyrn their passing, sometimes seemingly out of the blue.

    Was jennifer the youngest of thee three kids, until maybe they had another one, ot am i confusing it with growing pains, which i sometimes do. u remember Steve and elyse keaton, then the michael J. fox character 9Alex, maybe), mallory, then was jennifer next?

    it;s not terribly hot in our current location, though it's showing signs of global warming, and we have more heat waves than we used to. medical school location isn;t all that hit, either, but when i lived in a sacramento suburb. i can relate. peeope from other parts of the nation would say, Iy's not so bad because it's a DRYheat, but we got over 110 on occasion, and that's hot, humidity or not, and being close to the delta, there was just enough moisyutr yo give us some humidity but not enough to vool the place down at all.

    Tell Lt. Col. Ret. happy birthday for me, though it is no longer his birthday.

    1. Actually, it still is his birthday.

      Jennifer was the younger daughter with blonde hair.

      The main problem is that air conditioning is rare here... So when it's hot, it's uncomfortable.

      Bill did say I need to go to a doctor. But he has a hard time insisting.


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