Monday, June 22, 2015

We're back...

It was a long ride from The Netherlands.  We got up early, ate breakfast, and made the long trip.  I ate a space cake for the ride.  I also ate one yesterday, but yesterday's space cake seemed a bit weaker than today's and my birthday's.  I didn't notice much of an effect at all.

Today, on the other hand, I definitely experienced an enhanced sense of taste and appreciation for music... as in, I was enjoying Coca-Cola more than I have in years and really getting into the music on my iPod.  I also felt very mellow and calm throughout the ride and time seemed to pass rather easily.  I didn't start getting really antsy until we were almost home.

All in all, I'd say my first experiences with marijuana were pretty positive.  It's not something I'd want to do all the time, but if I'm back in Amsterdam or Haarlem and it's easy to get some space cakes, I will happily partake.

The dogs just got home and are happy to be reunited with us.  I missed them a lot and they apparently did fine at the Hunde Hotel.  I was a little worried about Arran because he's been a little moody lately.  The Dutch love their dogs, so there were a lot of them around.  Seeing them made me miss my boys.  On the other hand, I really had fun in Holland.  I could definitely live there.

I'm kind of glad to be home, though.  I needed to do laundry and I've missed being able to write with ease.

Yesterday, I looked up our old house in Texas.  It looks like someone purchased it.  Better them than us.  I hated that house with a fiery passion and was very happy to be out of it last year.

I guess I'll spend the next couple of days catching up on stuff.  Right now, I feel like writing a quick Dungeon post...  Maybe I'll be back later.

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