Sunday, June 28, 2015

The God Warrior...

I don't use Twitter very much.  I am far too wordy to avail myself of its limited capacity for posting and I have no patience for reading Tweets.  So I don't have the Twitter bug and really only look at it every once in awhile.  

Several years ago, when I was searching for an appropriate avatar for Facebook and didn't want to use my real photo, I found this funny meme of Marguerite Perrin, aka The God Warrior.  Perrin is so named because about ten years ago, she appeared on a reality show called Trading Spouses and completely freaked out, creating unintentional comedy gold.

God Warrior!

I laughed my substantial ass off watching this, so I decided to adopt Perrin's meme as my avatar.  I think it suits me.  I later changed my picture on other social media sites, but never bothered to on Twitter.  Today, Alexis commented on how funny it was, so I directed her to Marguerite on YouTube, where she can check out the madness for herself.

I could easily make fun of Marguerite because she is a bit nutty.  But she's actually had a rather tragic life.  On September 25, 2007, after this show aired, Marguerite's daughter Ashley died in a car accident.  Also, I think Marguerite was genuinely upset about her experience on the show, though she later was more light-hearted.  She even made a rap song.

Marguerite's song... "Why Can't You Be Sweet?"

I was thinking maybe I'd write something serious today.  I actually have a few things on my mind right now.  But it's such a beautiful day and I don't want to spoil it by getting serious.  So here it is... my God Warrior post.  Marguerite Perrin sure made things easy for the writers on Trading Spouses, though I don't think that show is on the air anymore.

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