Tuesday, June 23, 2015

One less Dick in the world...

RIP Dick Van Patten... you were one of a dying breed, if only because of your name.


  1. My mom's best friend said she was in a religion class at bYU where they argued for something like fifteen minutes about how many of the "Eight Is Enough" characters had engaged in sex with their boyfriends/girlfriends/hookups without being married. and it was a pretty tame show as far as i understand.

    My mom read the book and said that after the initial pilot, the series deviated from the book in a major way. It almost had to with Diana Hyland or whatever her name was dying so early in the series. i think the family actually did relocate from the D. C. suburbs to Sacramento.

    In the book, the reason for the name came up. Tom Braden was a syndicated washington columnist who moved in high social circles. his kids somewhat know the robert f. Kennedy children. Each time it would appear in the newspaper that a new little kennedy was born to Bobby and Eithel, the braden children would immediately start hassling their parents to produce another baby to keep up. After the Kennedys had their ninth, Tom Braden told them, "No more!" Eight is enough!"

    Yup. The Dicks are dying faster tha they're being replaced.

    1. You realize now I have to read the novel.

  2. it's a bio. It's worth reading. i read it during one of my many time-outs as a child.


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