Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Nasty little bloodsucking bastards...

Ticks, that is.  They have been feasting on our dogs, Arran in particular.  I found several bites on him today even though I check him after we take walks.  Somehow they still manage to bite, even though we load both dogs up with flea and tick preventatives.  It is gratifying to see them dead if they've managed to attach themselves.

Arran has nasty reactions to ticks.  He usually swells a lot where they bite.  Zane doesn't usually get so swollen.  Today, I found one bite that was rather infected looking.  On the leg opposite the bite, I could easily feel one of Arran's lymph nodes, the popliteal.  I also found the head of the mostly destroyed tick.

Hopefully, he'll be alright...

My car came back from the shop yesterday and we're now about 2400 euros poorer.  But on the plus side, it now runs better than it ever did, even when it was brand new.  It has an entirely new clutch and has been thoroughly serviced.  That's one less problem on the list to deal with.  But shame on Mini for putting out a defective product.


  1. I'm glad your car is running well, though sorry about the cost.

    poor Zaane and Arran. My dad has had two tick bites after hiking - both sort of in his shoulder blades where he can't see. My mom discovered them both but he wouldn't let her remove them. He had his brother don it. One was fine, but one looked bad and he had to be on antibiotics for two weeks (partly because of where he had been hiking; the ticks there were known to have a high prevalence of disease).

    1. I just hope that's the last major repair for awhile... Ticks are disgusting!


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