Thursday, June 4, 2015

Megyn Kelly interviews the Duggars...

I said I was going to move on and it looks like I lied.  I'm sitting here listening to their interview on Fox News with Megyn Kelly.  While, again, I'm not thinking Josh Duggar needs to be lynched for what he did when he was fourteen, I do think the Duggars are full of shit.  What Boob is saying doesn't match up with what was in the police reports.  He claims that Josh came to him crying about touching his sisters.  I don't believe that happened.  I think it's much more likely that one of the sisters was doing the crying, not Josh.  Michelle is saying they all got "professional" counseling when she earlier said Josh had just gone to do manual labor for awhile.

The Duggars say Josh has changed.  Maybe he has.  But they are making it sound like this was all very innocent stuff and no big deal.  And again, a lot of what they're saying in this interview is not jibing with what was in the police reports from 2006.

Now...  all of this stuff supposedly happened before they were household names and before they were ever on television.  I imagine they didn't feel like they had to tell anyone about this.  And maybe that's fair, especially since everyone involved was a child at the time of the incident.  The records should have been sealed and never should have been made public, especially since now four of the Duggar daughters have been outed as sexual abuse victims.  At the same time, it seems really ridiculous that you'd even risk having a reality show with something like this in the past.

And what is this shit about not letting boys babysit?  Simply being male doesn't make someone prone to pedophilia or molesting behavior.

What I hear is a couple of parents who are trying very hard to protect their reputation and their livelihood.  I hear two parents claiming that they are victims when, in fact, the parents are not the victims.  I'm definitely not hearing the whole truth.

I don't think this interview does them any favors.  Of course, they are now talking about suing the police chief who let this report come out.  I suppose I can't blame them for that, since it has adversely affected their livelihood.  On the other hand, this whole situation has exposed them for the hypocrites they really are.

I do agree with Boob, though, that it isn't really fair to punish the whole family for what Josh (and his parents) have done.  This shouldn't ruin the lives of everyone in the family.


  1. I totally agree that the Duggar parents were fools to have embarked on a reality show with a skeleton of this nature in their closet. It was just waiting to come out. Michelle blames the media for victimizing the daughter and whomever the 5th victim was (I'd guess cousin Amy, but who knows) far more than Josh did. I disagree that it was the media who victimized the girls. It was JimBoob and Michelle who led the family into a public life with this sordid story in the background. JimBoob and michelle need to look in the mirror for a proper place to blame anyone for re-victimizing the victims.

    I still worry about Josh. I hope it was passing adolescent curiosity and deprivation of any relevant information he should have been given, but then again, a lot of people aren't told much about sex and don't go on to feel up their sisters. i hope he truly is OK and I hope he wasn't also a victim art some point, because if he was, chances are that he wasn't the only one. What has been revealed could be the tip of the iceberg.

    1. I'm sure it is the tip of the iceberg. I shared my feelings on Facebook and got a whole bunch of opinions from people. I seem to have a middle of the road opinion. I don't think Josh's life should be ruined. I blame Boob and Michelle more than I do the kids or the media.

      That interview was unbelievable to me because I didn't hear either of them take any responsibility for this situation. They are totally blaming others.

  2. I understand that they were aware of the abuse but didn't do anything until learning that one of the littlest daughters was one of the victims. So - and I'm speculating on the ages here - but, abusing a budding adolescent is maybe understandable, but when you grope 5 year old that's crossing the line? Very strange morals. And yes, they are totally blaming others.

    1. Yeah. Just listening to the two of them-- Michelle especially-- was painful to me.


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