Sunday, June 7, 2015

I forgot to have kids...

Yesterday was graduation day for a lot of people.  A number of my friends from high school had kids graduating from school.  It seems like yesterday it was 25 years ago and I was a graduating senior.  Time really flies.

I commented that I forgot to have kids and someone asked me if I had ever considered fostering or mentoring a child.  It always surprises me when people make comments about another person's family planning choices.  She didn't mean to be rude, of course.  I do have to wonder, though, if people really think they need to suggest things like adoption, fostering, mentoring, or anything similar.  Wouldn't that notion cross the mind of someone who really wants children?

I was less annoyed by the mentoring idea than the fostering idea.  A person who mentors a child just becomes a role model.  I'm not sure I'd make the best role model, but at least no one would expect me to step into a parental role to someone else's child.  Fostering children involves a huge commitment and one does sort of need to step into a parental role.  It's not something I have ever felt led to do, even as I understand the need for good foster homes for kids in need.

I just wonder why people feel the need to make such personal comments.  It's amazing to me that someone would think I hadn't thought about adopting a child or fostering one... or any other solutions that might be open to me as a childless person.  I decided a long time ago that if I had kids, I'd prefer them to be my own biological kids.  I have what I think are good reasons for feeling the way I do, even as I respect and admire people who decide to adopt.  It's a personal decision that should be made for the right reasons.

Anyway, I told my friend that at this point, I think I make a better mom to pets than kids.  I'm too old, too set in my ways, and don't feel like I should invite more drama into my life.  It's more fun to snark on other peoples' drama, particularly if they are reality TV stars.

Speaking of other peoples' drama... here is a prime example of it.  Today, someone posted on our local snark group about selling Legos a month ago.  She charged $40.  Today, she gets an email from the buyer asking her to refund $13, since Amazon is selling a similar set for $27 and it's almost exactly like the discontinued one she bought.  It's hard to believe the nerve of some people.  All this stupidity over $13.  I realize $13 is a lot of money to some people, but she obviously could afford $40.  So fuck her...

I'm in a bit of a mood today, I think.  It's very hot and we don't have air conditioning.  Germany is only like this for a few weeks out of the year.  Still, getting through those few weeks can be irritating.  Aside from that, my allergies have been killing me lately.  There are so many trees blowing off pollen and other allergens that I'm constantly sneezing.

Next weekend, we're going on a trip to The Netherlands.  It'll be my first real look at Holland.  Prior to next week, I have only seen Amsterdam's airport... which is actually somewhat impressive.

I need to get off the computer and see some stuff.  I think that would improve my attitude quite a bit.


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