Friday, June 5, 2015

Endless days...

I got up extra early this morning to take Bill to the train station.  My car is in the shop and wasn't ready by close of business on Wednesday.  Yesterday was a holiday, so hopefully today it will be fixed and I will once again have wheels by this evening.  Bill was going to take the bus to the train station, but it would have involved two of them just to take a ten minute trip.  I told him I'd get up.  Sometimes it amazes me how little Bill imposes on me.  If the situation were reversed, he'd take me to the station.  Hell, he'd take me all the way to work.

Part of the reason it's so easy for me to take Bill to work is that the sun rises very early here at this time of year.  By 5:30am, it's broad daylight outside.  Add to the fact that the pollen is unbearable right now and you have someone who isn't sleeping anyway.  So we took the dogs with us and I dropped Bill off.  It's now 7:34am, but it feels a lot later.  And we'll have sunlight until past 9:30pm.

Bill was telling me something funny about his work yesterday.  He had to arrange for lodging for some African officers and the only place in the budget was the Vaihinger Hof, which is the shitty hotel we stayed in for about six weeks when we moved here last time.  Apparently, the guy who runs it is not the same guy who owned it last time we were here.  Anyway, the place is still a dump, though it's very convenient to Patch Barracks, which is the installation where Bill used to work.

So apparently, Ramadan is coming up.  Ramadan requires fasting from sunup to sundown.  But here in Central Europe, we have lots of sunlight at this time of year.  That means the trainings have to account for people who are going to be hungry and aren't allowed to eat or drink, otherwise there will be a bunch of people falling out all over the place.  I am so glad I'm not part of a religion that requires fasting.  For me, it would be a disaster.

A shot on the way to the train station...

I may be back later with something of substance to write about.  

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