Saturday, June 27, 2015

Congratulations to all my gay and lesbian friends! And more dependa bashing....

And I do have a lot of them.  Yesterday's Supreme Court decision to allow same sex marriage in all 50 states is an amazing victory.  I want to go on record as being very pleased.

There's so much I could write about this morning.  Sure, I could wax poetic about gay and lesbian rights and how great yesterday's Supreme Court decision is, but not being homosexual myself, I doubt there's much I could say that would really resonate.  I am happy that more people now have the right to marry and show their love to the world.  For now, I'll just leave it at that.

I could write about the exciting news that Richard Matt, a convicted murderer who escaped from prison with fellow killer, David Sweat, was shot and killed yesterday.  I have been following the case, mainly because of Joyce Mitchell, the former prison tailor who helped them escape and is now facing prison.  I find her a rather pathetic character...  I actually feel a little sad for her, too.  But I think I'll have time enough to write about that case as the search for David Sweat continues.

Nope...  I think today I will revisit yet another favorite topic of mine.  Behold...

This was posted on Facebook by Fort Benning MWR...

I suspect this meme was created in part because this week, the Military Times published an article about military spouses being called "dependapotamuses".  It's not the first time this topic has come up, either in the news or in my blog.  I wouldn't write about it today, except that I thought the above photo presented an interesting perspective on what it means to be a military spouse.

Now, for me personally, the above meme doesn't work.  I don't have kids and Bill was mostly never in jobs that required him to work extremely long hours.  I never had to suffer through any extended deployments.  Yes, I will go on record as saying that I had it very easy as an Army wife.  I am not complaining, either.  The Army was good to Bill and to me by proxy.  To be honest, Bill takes care of me more than I take care of him.

However, for many spouses, the above meme does work.  They do take care of everything on their own, especially if they have children.  Being a spouse can be difficult, especially when you are also dealing with people who are bullies.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of bullies in the military community who love to trash spouses, even though only a small percentage of them are actually what one could call "dependas".  It's like a sport for some of them, looking for spouses to pick on and harass.

Every time this topic comes up, there are people who defend the practice of dependa bashing.  They say they are calling out the entitled spouses who are simply milking a paycheck.  But what about the shitty service members who put on a uniform but simply collect their paychecks?  They exist, too.

According to some of my service member friends, these folks don't get off easy.  In fact, they supposedly get "hazed" worse than so called dependas do.  I should probably just detach from the military environment, but that can be hard to do when it's the source of one's livelihood... or, in my case, my husband's livelihood.  He graciously lets me mooch.  :D

I'm sitting here thinking about it and it occurs to me that this issue would make for an entertaining PSA on the Armed Forces Network (AFN).  Anyone who has been affiliated with the military or the government knows about AFN.  They provide radio and TV services for Americans overseas.

When we lived in England, my family didn't get AFN.  We got British TV.  But when I was in the Peace Corps, I became very familiar with AFN because there was a TV in the U.S. embassy restaurant and bar.  Armenia was such a close knit community that volunteers mingled with people that worked in the government.  I ended up seeing  a lot of AFN propaganda and took note of their ridiculous PSAs intended to get service members to straighten up and fly right.  And, of course, I have seen AFN in Europe, too.  We don't get it at our house, but anyone who lives on an installation can get it.  For me, the only reason to watch AFN is for the shitty PSAs, which are in their own class of entertainment.

An example of a PSA on AFN...

And another...

Hee hee hee... I could totally make one, couldn't I?

Perhaps if I were a little more camera ready, I might make a spoof of a dependa bashing PSA for AFN...  Maybe the next time I get really bored.


  1. I, too, was quite pleased with the S.C.'s ruling. It had to come. It eas a civil right that could no longer be denied. I really don't know that many people who are openly gay, but i suspect I know a lot more people who are gay than i think i do. jillian's cousin , who is a doctor, is gay. he's been in a relationship for quite some time, but I don't know if they're married. they own a lot of property. they're both named Peter. we just call them the Peters. peter #1, the doctor, spent a night with me when I was in the hospital following an auto accident when my parents were out of the country. he's a good person. he deserves any right I have.

    That escaped convict thing is weird. Why would those people help them escape. Now they've arrested another guy for helping them. something ust have been in it for the, Or maybe not. who knows?

    What do I know, but I doin't think it's sufficiently politically correct to use the word "dependapotamuses" in a publication such as "The Military Times." Not that I'm Ms. Political correctness, but I don't think the word belongs in that publication.

    1. The only reason it was used in the Military Times was because there was an article about service members calling spouses dependapotamuses.

      As for the convicts, my guess is that they charmed Joyce Mitchell.


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