Friday, May 29, 2015

Public urination...

I don't know why, but I have a special knack for catching men in the act of peeing in public.  It's happened to me I don't know how many times.  In fact, it even happened today as I was walking my dogs in the woods near where we live.

I think there's some kind of camping thing going on in a field in the nature park near where we live.  I've noticed a bunch of tents set up in the field and lots of people have parked their cars there.  Anyway, I was walking Zane and Arran past this campground and happened to see a couple of teenaged guys standing in the tree line facing the road standing there unabashedly peeing right there for all to see.  They were having a conversation as they whizzed and were completely unperturbed that I was walking by and could easily see them peeing.

Now, I'm no prude.  God knows I've done the peeing outside thing a few times.  I just find a private place to do it so it's not so obvious.  But man, I've lost count how many times I've seen some guy on the side of the road, pissing for the whole world to see.

Nudity is just not a big deal here in Germany.  Indeed, there are places where it's perfectly fine and even required to be naked.  Last time I took a SeaDream cruise, I saw a German guy's nether regions when he decided to change clothes while on deck.  I wasn't the only one who saw it, either.  A woman from Northern Ireland also got a load of this guy's junk as he flashed us while slipping out of his trunks under a towel.

On one hand, I kind of admire Germans for being so comfortable with their own bodies.  On the other hand, as an American, it's very odd to me.  I certainly never expected to see some guy's dick while walking my dogs today, though... and definitely not TWO guys' dicks.

Last week, when Bill and I were on our way to Triberg, he tried to pee in the woods.  Some lady interrupted him as she passed with her little white dog.  He didn't finish.  If I were him, I would have let 'er rip because it's just not an issue here.  You see guys peeing on the side of the road all the time in traffic jams especially.    

I'm writing about public urination today because I'm trying really hard not to write about a certain family with 19 kids.  I'm just tired of it... tired of reading about it, too.  But give me a few days and I bet I'll write another post about that confounded group.


  1. God, that's an intriguing talent to list on a resume: "I have a knack for coming across people while they're peeing in public."

    1. I do. I also have a knack for running into people I used to know.

  2. The thing about running into people you used to know may not be so wonderful. In many cases, there may be very good reaasons the people are no longer in your life.

    1. I've been lucky. Most of the people I've run into were long lost friends. But I sure hope we don't run into ex or her spawn.


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