Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Pariah du jour...

I know I probably should't write about the Duggars right now, but I can't help it.  They're on my mind.  This morning, I was thinking about this huge scandal that has erupted over the past week.  Suddenly, I was reminded of Paula Deen two years ago.  She got raked over the coals for using the N-word.  She lost her Food Network shows, product endorsements, and lots of fans.  And all because she used a racist word.

Josh Duggar allegedly molested his sisters and another girl when he was a teenager.  By all rights, the records of that crime should have been sealed, if not because he was a minor when it happened, then because the victims were all minors too.  At the same time, the fact that this information has come out has put the Duggars in a more realistic light.  For years, they've come across to so many people as such a *perfect* family.  Now people know they aren't perfect.

Of course, I never thought they were perfect.  I've watched their show because it's fun to make fun of it.  Maybe I shouldn't snark so much, but I can't help it, especially when JimBob Duggar is the one begging to be made fun of.  The man is a tool.

I am not as outraged about this as a lot of people are.  Maybe it's because I grew up in a rural county in the south.  I don't see this situation as something that should ruin anyone for life...  I hate to think of anyone having that kind of power, to ruin someone for life because they've done something offensive or even criminal.  Maybe I'm just an old softie.

I see that a lot of advertisers have decided not to sponsor 19 Kids and Counting anymore.  This is the same thing that happened to Paula Deen two years ago.  It took some time, but then she seemed to bounce back somewhat.  I don't know if the Duggars will be able to recover from this the way she did.  Using the N-word is not quite the same as molesting girls, even if you were a teen when it happened.  Still, Deen's fall from grace is a lot like the Duggars'.  Their show may be cancelled.  Or maybe it won't be.  A lot of people still love the Duggars anyway.  Others won't want to punish the sisters for what their pervy brother did.

Last night, I watched the earliest Duggar specials, which came out in 2004 and 2005.  It's amazing how much the family has changed.  Josh is featured in those early shows, looking so young and awkward.  He was even younger when the incidents with his sisters took place.  Had this all come out when he was a teen, his family probably wouldn't be in the spotlight.  On the other hand, a lot of people probably would have forgotten about it.

I think what has most people so outraged is not so much that he touched his sisters and another girl inappropriately, but that he and his family have been so vocal about being good Christians.  They are hypocrites.  Americans love to hate on hypocrites.  I think people still would have been good and pissed off had Josh and his parents not been so holier than thou, but the level of outrage would likely be much less than it is now.

I actually feel really sorry for Josh's victims.  It wouldn't surprise me if they were blamed for this getting out there for the masses.  It was presumably one of the sisters who dared to write about it.  Had she not done that, it would have stayed a secret longer... long enough for more of the kids to grow up, anyway.  While it was Josh who did the dirty deeds, it was one of the sisters who told on him and opened up the investigation to be discovered by the public.  That sister didn't keep the number one rule of an abusive relationship... don't spill secrets.  And now the whole family is going to suffer the consequences...

Or will they?  How many of those kids would prefer the dog and pony show to end?  How many would rather they not have to be on TV all the time?  How many wish they weren't held to impossible standards?  They probably will still be held to their religious standards, but at least it won't be on TV anymore...

I'm sure Boob has invested his money.  They'll probably be okay.  But it just goes to show you, most role models have a fall from grace.  The Duggars are going through theirs right now.



  1. where the Duggara are concerned, I still cannor help wondering why they thought this bit of information would not eventually come to light, and if they thought the money they'd earn in the meantime would make up for that time when the piper had to be paid. i also wonder about some of their comments about homosexuality. Surely religious zealots even as backwards as they can accept that a homosexual act between consenting adults is far les sinful than what went on in the Duggar home.

    i, too, am reasonably certain that Jimboob saved money, but did he save it all for himself and the wife, or do the young adults get a share?.
    I wouldn't be surprised if he were to try to hoard it all for himself. even though I probably wouldn't watch it, I suspect there's a market for the young adults (except for Josh, obviously.0 if not, i'd like to see some of the kids sue him for a share of the take.

    1. Well... I agree with you that they were naive if they didn't think this would eventually come to light. In fact, it is very astonishing to me that it took so long for this to be exposed. They had a good long run.

      I hate the fact that the Duggars are so hateful to people not like them. I see it as really more the parents at fault, though... and I say this, even as I am so angry at Bill's daughters for the way they have behaved. But yes... they are hypocrites. This was very much a comeuppance. Maybe it was even from God.

      I don't give a shit about Boob or his wife. My feelings are more for their kids. Maybe not so much for Josh, but the rest of them. For some of them, this life is all they know.


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