Sunday, May 31, 2015

More problems...

I wrote about our trip to Calw on my travel blog.  We had a good time, so I won't rehash what we did on this blog.  I only want to write about my free floating anxiety.

When we got back from our brief day trip, we came home to what appeared to have been a fight between two friendly hounds.  Zane was shaking and had a few minor wounds.  Obviously, Arran took a couple of plugs out of him, probably over the peanut butter filled Kongs we give them when we go out.  There were two spots on one of my ugly rugs where someone threw up.  My guess is that Zane is the puker, since he throws up more often than Arran does.  It occurs to me that maybe the peanut butter is too rich for him, though he never had problems with it up until now.  I also had to clean up some pee, which may have happened after the fight.

More disturbing is the recent trend of Arran being aggressive toward Zane.  I think they are closely matched in terms of dominance and Arran, who has now been with us for for two and a half years, is starting to try to take the boss role.  Zane is a fairly easygoing dog about a lot of things, but he's not particularly submissive.

I need to take Zane in for his allergy shot this week, so I guess I'll talk to the vet about it.  Hopefully, nothing more serious than sibling rivalry is going on, though the dogs both enjoyed a nice long walk this morning.  Now they are both napping.  They seem to have forgiven each other.  Hopefully, my car will also be fixed so I don't have to worry about the clutch failing on the way to or from the vet's office.

I am constantly fretting about stuff.  I get one problem solved and then another one crops up.  It's usually not a serious problem, but I make it into one by worrying incessantly.  Now I worry about leaving the dogs alone.  I've done it plenty of times and I know I can't allow them to make me housebound, but I don't want them fighting and possibly hurting each other.

I love my dogs.  They are like my kids.  They sure do make me fret, though.



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