Sunday, May 24, 2015

How the Duggar girls could stick it to Dim Boob...

Bill and I were enjoying breakfast this morning.  I was telling him about my Lyle Lovett post that was just written an hour ago.  He was reminiscing about his ex wife's cooking.  And then suddenly, our conversation turned to the Duggar family.  Bill wanted to know if TLC had permanently cancelled their show, 19 Kids and Counting.  I said I didn't know.  It's my guess that they're waiting to see if this scandal involving Josh Duggar eventually blows over and perhaps weigh the public's opinion before they make a permanent decision about killing the show or keeping it going.

I told Bill that I thought what TLC might do is make a spin off.  This year, they have been very focused on Jessa and Jill.  They are both pretty young women who married men that seem to be somewhat well received... perhaps Derick Dillard is better received than Ben Seewald is (by the way, we actually passed signs for the German town of Seewald yesterday).

Jessa and Jill do seem very popular.  I could totally see TLC making a spinoff featuring Jessa and Jill and pushing the rest of the Duggars into the background for occasional visits.  Jill and Jessa are presumably victims of their brother's vile misdeeds, so the public should be empathetic to them.  It helps that they are attractive and have cute babies to exploit.  Their husbands are relatively camera ready, too.  There are plenty of people who are still going to be interested in Jessa's pregnancy and Jill's new baby... and any subsequent babies.  I think the public would still embrace them as long as Josh was kept off camera.

I don't think a spin off starring his daughters would make JimBob happy, though he could probably be persuaded to accept it if it meant the gravy train would continue to roll.  What I would love to see is a deal that allows Jessa and Jill and their husbands to get more money and creative control than Boob and Michelle do.  I would like to see Boob and his wife marginalized and taking a backseat to their kids.  I really think they'd deserve it for so many reasons.

It might be difficult to get the Duggar ladies to accept a deal without their parents' approval.  For one thing, they were not raised that way.  I could see Jessa bucking the trend.  She is more willful and less compliant than Jill is.  However, I don't think Jessa is as likable as Jill is.  Jill is very warm and seems genuinely sweet, while Jessa has a bit of a pretty girl bitch thing going.  They could totally play off those differences in their personalities and become big stars in their own right.

I don't think either of them would be successful with their own shows, but I do think together they could be compelling... especially if they start disobeying Boob.  A lot of people would love to see that.  Moreover, Jessa and Jill are different enough that the show probably wouldn't be too boring.  Of course, an arrangement like that could lead to hard feelings between them.  From what the tabloids have been reporting, they have already been bickering a bit.

A spin off could also be potentially satisfying to fans of the show who want to forgive Josh.  They could still get a Duggar fix and TLC might be able to appease some of the people calling for the Duggars to be kicked off the airwaves.

I could see Jinger being added to the spin off too.  Remember how she said she wanted to live in a city?  Michelle claimed Jinger meant she wanted to live in a town that has a Wal-Mart.  What if TLC gave Jinger the chance to move to a city and spread her wings?  If it meant the Duggars would still have relevance, maybe Boob would sign off on it...  I'd include Jana to the line up, but it seems like she doesn't want to be on the show anymore.

I can't say I'm too surprised by this sordid news about the Duggars.  Seems like every wholesome male role model out there eventually gets in some kind of sex scandal.  Bill Cosby and Stephen Collins both played "good guy" father types and both have been struggling with sexual scandals lately.  Joe Jackson, patriarch of the Jackson family, was accused of being a child molester, as was his son, Michael.  Even the Osmonds have had to deal with their share of scandals, though none involve sexual abuse that I am aware of.  Someone can correct me if I'm wrong.

I think there's a risk when you try to promote yourself as wholesome, clean living, and family oriented.  People look for skeletons in the closet and the public can be very harsh.  On the other hand, I think people have the right to be harsh when someone is guilty of abuse, especially when the guilty person is also a holier-than-thou hypocrite.  Josh Duggar certainly qualifies as a holier-than-thou hypocrite.  But I don't see why TLC should throw the baby out with the bathwater.  I could see a spin off featuring the Duggar girls being a ratings winner, as long as Boob is not given full editorial control.  In a weird way, I think being on TV kind of normalized the Duggars.  I think it exposed them to people they would not have been exposed to had they not had their show.  They could still be wearing jumpers and sporting mullets if it weren't for TLC.  Of course, I also suspect the last few kids were born just to keep the show going.

It'll be interesting to see the long term effects of this situation.  For now, I must admit that it's fun to think of the Duggar ladies taking control and making more money than Boob does.  If they really wanted to do that, I bet they could.  I'm sure Boob will do everything in his power to prevent that from happening, though.  He's probably wanting to save his show, which I am afraid might be permanently damaged by the latest scandalous revelations.  Time will tell.


  1. I find it almost incomprehensible that the Duggars went on the air knowing that this scandal was lurking out there, and that it WOULD eventually come to light. I assume it was greed that overruled their desire to keep a low profile, although perhaps I'm being too harsh in using the word "greed" when they had so many mouths to feed.

    My memory may be faulty here, as most of the Duggar programming that i've seen has been when I was either sick or recovering from an accident or surgery, but . . . it seems like on at least one of the girls' book tours, Josh went along as a chaperone. of course he had Anna to chaperon him, but still, where is the judgment in that, or even the compassion? Send your daughters out into the world to be protected by the one person who has already done more bad things to most of them than anyone else ever could. What kind of screwed-up logic is that?

    While JimBoob and his lovely wife would never approve, i suspect --even though I don't particularly like reality tV programming -- that a Rumspringa show featuring Jinger in a big city could be a viable show. i might even watch it.

    The outcome of this all depends upon just how contentious some of josh's victims -- and even the others -- choose to be. The victims presumably have grounds for a major act of litigation against their parents for keeping their molester in the home and failing otto protect him. Yes, he left home to do construction for a time, but he was back soon enough. Beyond that, perhaps the backlash over the scandal alone will give some of them -- particularly the married ones, who have spouses to advocate for them -- sufficient backbone to ignore their parents and negotiate their own deals.

    i remember a particular inerview with the older girls -- I think it was a promo and not actually on the show -- where one of them expressed thanks that they were "normal," i.e. not gay. How normal are they all now that we know what we know about Josh. What else went on behind the scenes. i assume Josh's activities was the impetus for the girls sleeping fully dressed. how sad that they had to sleep so uncomfortably because their brother was a perv and their parents had too many children to keep tabs on what was happening. Whey didn't Jim Boob and Michelle put him in a room right next to theirs that had an alarm anytime anyone walked through the doorway? Then the girls could've worn normal nightwear. but then, who know show many other pervs roamed the halls.

  2. i'm really wondering about Josiah and all the time he did at that ACT (or whatever it was called) Gothardite boot camp. what could he have possibly done that cmpared to what Josh did to earn such a harsh sentence compared to the figurative slap on the wrist Josh received (I assume it was litmore than a slap on the wrist; JimBoob probably beat the hell out of him). Was osiah punished because the family saw some traits in him similar to what was observed n Josh, and decided to be proactive? Did he actually do something to one of his sisters, and is that why he was sent away? Did they see possible gay tendencies in him, which to them would be much, much worse than a "heterosexual" molestation of one's sisters? Or did none of the above happen, but the Duggar parents are both just bat-shit crazy?

  3. The only thing I ever read regarding the Osmonds was that Marie claimed to have been molested by a non-family member who was in the business and close to the family. i suspect she would tell if it had been anyone in the family.

  4. I really think Boob is motivated entirely by money, power, and fame. He seems to have put that ahead of what's best for his children. But I can't know for certain. I can only guess based on what I've seen on TV and read.


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