Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Caught in the crossfire...

Yesterday was rainy and cool, but we were invited to a cookout.  We had a fairly busy weekend because we visited a couple of places.  The dogs were left alone more than usual and I think the dogs were feeling a little pouty about it.  I got down on the floor to hang out with them and was sitting between Zane and Arran.  Arran started showing his teeth and then went for Zane.  He got my forearm instead.  The bite barely broke the skin and all I have is a little soreness and bruising.  Afterwards, I could tell he was really sorry for what he did...  I know he's a dog and I shouldn't attribute human feelings to him, but I could tell he didn't mean to bite me.

We probably should have taken them with us.  The lady who hosted the cookout had dogs of her own.  I think they would have enjoyed themselves, except she doesn't have the most secure fencing in her yard.  Zane is a little shit when he gets loose.

Bill was the only guy at the cookout, aside from my friend's daughter's male friend.  The teens weren't hanging out with us, though.  It was a lucky thing Bill was there because my friend needed some help with her grill.  It got really hot and melted her rolladen.  A rolladen, for your edification, it a plastic shade that rolls down over windows.  They are very common here in Germany and in other parts of Europe.

I'm glad this time I'm making some actual friends.  Last time we lived here, I didn't know anyone other than a few Germans.  The Internet can bring people together, but it can also be very isolating.  It's easier to type on a computer than actually go out and use in person social skills.

Last night, I had a long conversation with a local who gave me some insight as to what it's like to grow up with alienating parents.  Talking to her made me feel more empathy toward Bill's daughters. On the other hand, I think both of her parents were jerks.  Bill is not a jerk.  He is a genuinely good man who was shafted.  His crime was being too nice and too trusting... and not having enough self-esteem to choose a better partner when he was young.  A lot of people have that problem.  It's often women who end up in situations with selfish, narcissistic men.

Anyway... we had a good time last night.  It was fun seeing people and socializing.


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