Sunday, May 3, 2015

A full Saturday...

Bill and I were pretty busy yesterday.  After breakfast, we went to Ludwigsburg to pick up some beer and trade in some old bottles.  After shopping, we went into town for lunch.  There was a big flea market in Ludwigsburg yesterday, so the city was teeming with people and parking was a little scarce.  We finally managed to find a spot in a garage not too far away.  Then we found a really good Turkish restaurant, which I will review on my travel blog.

While we were out, I read the news about Kate's and William's new daughter.  I am delighted she's healthy and adorable and I pray they don't saddle that child with the name Diana.  I doubt they will.  I have heard other possible names and I don't really care which one they choose.  I would just hate to see the new princess being called Diana because she's already got a heavy burden ahead of her.  Her mother and grandmother are/were both beloved figures in the British monarchy and she will already be compared to them constantly.  There can only be one Diana and one Kate.  So this new baby needs a name of her own, too.  I hope her parents are allowed to choose one they really love rather than one that is mandated by the monarchy.  ;-)

We got home at about 3:45 or so, let the dogs out for a whiz, gave them their dinner, then packed up for a trip to Patch Barracks, where a new friend was hosting an impromptu beer tasting.  We spent several hours trying Belgian brews with a really cool guy I met on a local Facebook group for beer drinking.  That ate up a lot of our evening and made me want to plan a trip to Belgium.

We got home at about 11:00, let the dogs out again, slept, and now I'm sitting here with an Alan Parson's Project song running through my head.

This is the song in my head right now...

I found out another friend from high school is moving back to Germany (she and her husband have been here twice already).  Yep, yesterday was a full day... and a good day.

Pretty photo on the way back to Patch...  this is why I love Germany.


  1. it would be fine if one of the bby's seventeen middle names happened to be diana, but NOT the first name,PLEASE. If the royal protocal dictates what Kate and william can name the child, Diana certainly won't be the name. The Firm was none too fond of Diana. i was always curious as to just how much pressure is put on a crown prince as to what name must be given, and what would happen were the couple to resist.

    1. Well, it will be interesting to see what they call her. No matter what, she's going to have a pressure filled life. However, she's starting off much beloved. Now that Kate and William have a boy and a girl, I imagine Kate will enjoy them. She seems to really have trouble with hyperemesis gravidarium. But, of course, it's none of my business. I wish them well.


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